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Mountain Lions are one of the enemies found in the Run 'N Gun level Rugged Ridge in Inkwell Isle Three.


These are mountain lions in the very literal sense. They resemble the head of a lion carved from mossy stone or rock and lie dormant until Cuphead or Mugman approach.


They are found in the first and middle section of Rugged Ridge and stay dormant until Cuphead or Mugman approach within their line of sight. They then start to roar/yawn a strong gust of wind that may push them off a platform or be hit by other enemies. They can be a dangerous nuisance and their high health bar makes them a priority to be destroyed.


  • Their design and name is a pun to the actual real life mountain lion.
    • Also their design may be similar to Lion's Head in Benguet, Philippines.
  • There is a bug in which if one player dies while the Mountain Lion is Yawning and then gets revived by the other player, then the player that had been revived still moves as if the Mountain Lion is still yawning, even if they move away from the Mountain Lion.
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