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The Moonshine Barrels are said sentient barrel containing illegal alcohol that are with the Moonshine Mob. They appear in the level Bootlegger Boogie in Inkwell Isle Four.


Moonshine Barrels are ambulatory, sapient barrels that have two arms at the midpoint of the body where the shoulders of a human should be and two legs on the bottom circular face. Their main body is a barrel with XXX sign stick to them, indicating they are containing moonshine.


A single Moonshine Barrel appears in the intro of the level, looking up at the cops before it gets bumped off to the foreground by Light Bug.


The Moonshine Barrels appear in the Light Bug's phase, where they will dance away from the Ant Cops. The barrels can be destroyed, their body degenerating into pieces of wood should this happen. Some of them are pink and can be parried, automatically being destroyed should that happen. The Moonshine Barrels either perform a dancing kick on their way across the stage or a simple shimmy, although this does not affect how quickly they should move (even though it should; see the trivia below).


  • Logically, the Moonshine Barrels should move more quickly should their dance involve kicking.


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