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Miss Cyclops is a supporting character in The Cuphead Show! She makes her first and only role Jail-Broken as a supporting protagonist.




Because of her enormous size and bruise strength, she is widely feared by most of the prisoners at the Inkwell Isle Penitentiary. Despite her intimidating look, she has a heart deep down inside her, as the only prisoner she closely bonded with was Mugman, as he would always wash her blanket, the way she liked it. She is very violent, brutal and aggressive, but despite her aggressive traits and imtimitading behavior, she can get emotional, as she was very close with Mugman. She even is seen crying with tears in her eyeball.

Later, during the episode, she showed her gratitude for him and Cuphead by hurling them back home after they get caught attempting to escape and also scared off the guard dogs, one of the things that kept the two from escaping.

Miss Cyclops is not shown to speak, and instead only communicates through loud grunts and roaring.



Most of the other prisoners in the Inkwell Isle Penitentiary are shown to fear her, as even demonstrated where a tough prison is shown to be beaten up by her while in the cafeteria. However, the only prison she has a friendly relationship with is Mugman, who washes her blanket every now and then, being satisfied with it.

As Cuphead and Mugman attempt to escape the prison, she appears right behind the two, appearing sad as Mugman comforts her and states that someone else will wash her blanket. However, Mugman accidentally afterwards sets off the alarms, giving Miss Cyclops the idea to hinge him and Cuphead onto her ball and chain and tosses them back to their cottage. As the guards dogs are released, they start barking at her, before she loudly roars and intimidates all of them.

Her fate is left unknown afterwards, but she was likely caught and brought back to her cell by the cops after helping Cuphead and Mugman escape their prison.


  • Considering her bruise strength and enormous size, it can be seen that Miss Cyclops can easily escape prison without any trouble to block her way from escaping.
  • It is unknown how the cops are still capable of arresting her. However, the Bee Cops may have guns, as they are not shown in the episode, implying that she might have feared their weaponry.

height 31 feet