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    “Anyone who breaks the rules will be blocked!”

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    Reason: Fanart
    Time Period: Albertpop
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    Cheetah-shooter closed this thread because:
    Mini modding
    19:19, May 23, 2019
    • Posting fanarts are allowed when it isn't on mainspace, and those are actually official materials(concepts) which will be way more useful than your random comments on talk pages, also don't even try to act like a mod when you are the one causing trouble.

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  • Hello,

    I'm here to inform that the edits that you did in Unused and Reworked Content aren't bad, the only reason why it was undone was due to supposedly "fix" the broken links when they're working just fine - the page uses the Tabview system which is the equivalent of adding an entire page in a form of a sub-page and viewed in a tabber-esque system.

    There are edits that you did that are good, for example, the Early Builds list and the addition of Cagney's unused attack and the DicePalace Test. The Spectrogram and reverted music, however, are used, now when you select "Yes" during the Devil's offer to join him, after skipping the credits, the reverted track will play instead of the intro and said track contains the Spectrogram.

    If you grant us permission to use the saved information from your profile and add the necessary information, we would appreciate it immensely. ^^

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    • Hi, sorry for a late reply, I am granting you permission to use the saved "Pre-release and unused content" information that was on my profile, but before you use the information, can you please wait until I am done with the information because there's still more things that I half to put in the information, and I will let you know when I am done with the information.

      Also, speaking of that, about me replacing the infobox in the Cuphead (game) article, the reason I replaced it was because the infobox was a little disorganized or something, but the infobox I created for the article is much more organized, I was wondering if you can let me replace the infobox (the one that is already on the article) with the better infobox, if you let me do this, I will also do the same thing on the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course article.

      Another thing, do you think the Unused and Reworked Content article should be renamed to List of Cuphead Pre-release and unused content or Cuphead/Pre-release and unused content? (You can let me rename the article if you want to)

      One last thing, can I please restore the saved "Pre-release and unused content" information to my profile so I can finish it?

      Thank you so much

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    Enjoy your time at Cuphead Wiki!

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