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"But hey, lemme give you a hand! Take this!"

Mac is a supporting character in Inkwell Isle One, where he is sitting at the end of the bridge.



Mac Trailer4

Mac's appearance in the Crisp Apples Trailer

Mac is anthropomorphic apple character with a full body yellow clothing with green coat, brown socks and white gloves. He has a green nose, a single leaf, and a noticeable bite mark from the right side of his head. Seen in the cartoon, his eyes will change to yellow when surprised or scared.


Mac seems to be a laidback person, spending most of his time sitting at the bridge and taking strolls. He claims he was a troublemaker as a child, but now he prefers more of a lazy and calm life, going around town and visiting the cinema. He also has a very unaware sense of his own kind, as he's distressed about other people eating apples, the kind of thing he is.

Passage Dialogue[]

Upon talking to him (for the first time):

"Hey fellas! Looks like you're in for it now, eh?
Well I used to be the same way, always getting into trouble...
... Runnin', jumpin', shootin' ...
But now I prefer just strollin' around and goin' to the pictures
But hey, lemme give you a hand! Take this!"

(Mac gives the player 3 coins.)

Upon talking to him a second time:

"Hey, guys! Good to see ya again!
Hope those coins helped out a bit!
Maybe check with other folks around here, they might help ya too!
The ones not tryin' to kill ya, I mean."


  • Mac appears in the Cuphead Macintosh Launch Trailer, in the cartoon short "Crisp Apples", where he is seen whistling and stops by to greet Cuphead and Mugman, but then realizes that they are both eating apples, which distresses him.
  • His name is a reference to the McIntosh apples. His name being shortened to Mac may also be a reference to the Macintosh computers, produced by Apple, which are frequently referred to as Macs.
    • Following that point, the bite in the side of his head resembles Apple's logo.
  • In Cuphead in Carnival Chaos: A Cuphead Novel he is one of the students in school with Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice. In the book, he helps them escape Detention but at the end of the book he fails and Lucien gives Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice detention for 2 weeks.


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