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Ludwig is a minor character on The Cuphead Show!, serving as the main antagonist of the episode, Piano Lesson.


Ludwig mainly looks like a normal human in terms of body, however, his head is a phonograph. He wears a black suit and pants with yellow buttons, on the inside is a yellow and blue shirt with a white fluff, while he mainly wears white gloves, his hands are shown to be brown when they are removed.


Ludwig can be described as a bit of a snob, he is overly careful with his gloves as he has two pairs, one for driving and one for any activity other than driving. He initially showed care for Mugman, taking a particular liking in his piano playing and posture, though he subverted this when Cuphead unintentionally impressed him with his mastery over the piano. From here, Ludwig began to favor Cuphead and completely forgot about Mugman. As revealed at the end of the episode, Ludwig never actually cared for either of the boys and only cared about Cuphead so he could plagiarize his song and win the prize money for the piano competition.


"Piano Lesson"[]

Mugman is revealed to have signed up for his lessons, before his arrival at the cottage. Once inside, he listens to Mugman's poor performance at playing the piano, and examines him as well, as Mugman plays Chopsticks. When Cuphead arrives back at the cottage, he views over Mugman's performance, and plays the song correctly, much to Ludwig's surprise. Ludwig then offers Cuphead to sign him up for a recital in the Music competition, in which Cuphead first rejects, before he mentions the grand prize being 10,000 dollars, which makes him change his mind. This visually upsets Mugman, as later that night, Cuphead is heard practicing with him for tomorrow's recital. The next morning, Mugman attempts to set a trap to sabotage his brother, before realizing that he's been waiting for Ludwig the entire time, napping in the front yard for his arrival. The two then listen to their radio to find out that Ludwig has stolen Cuphead's artwork, and thus wins the competition. However, Mugman's trap falls onto him.


  • His name is a reference to famous composer and pianist Ludwig Van Beethoven, who was also considered very grumpy.
  • Due to his German accent, Ludwig pronounces Mugman's name as "Moog Maan" and Cuphead's name as "Coop Haad." On the receiving end, Cuphead once pronounces his name the English way (lʌdwig), instead of the German one (lʊdvig / Lood-vig).
  • It's unclear how badly he was injured by Mugman dropping a piano on him as Mugman turns off the radio before any details can be revealed. But as Deeki Deke confirmed on twitter, he is most likely alive.
  • Ludwig being a plagiarist makes sense, considering how the soundtrack that his in-game counterpart claims to be "his" masterpiece are all just piano covers of overworld themes rather than anything completely original.