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Lucien is an NPC who appears in Inkwell Isle Two next to the sundial and near the Mausoleum.



Lucien is found in an area in front of the wooden bridge and next to second mausoleum.


Lucien is an anthropomorphic light bulb wearing yellow gloves, a blue university graduation dress and hat, and light brown shoes.


Lucien is inquisitive and bookish.[1] Lucien is very appreciative of being intelligent he loves myths spells potions he knows he spends his time studying the ruins of Inkwell Isle and learning a lot about the origin of Quadratus.

Passage Dialogue[]

Talking to him before talking to Quadratus

"Have you heard of Quadratus, the watery on this isle?

his obsession with death and numbers is legendary!

And somewhat disturbing, if one think about it for too long ..."

Talking to him after talking to Quadratus

"So you have spoken with Quadratus, the watery being across the isle?

that is something few others can claim."


  • In Cuphead in Carnival Chaos, he is a professor and the teacher of Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice.
  • The name "Lucien" comes from the Latin word "lux", meaning "light".
    • This makes sense, considering that Lucien is a lightbulb.


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