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[The episode begins where Mugman is seen outside the cottage chopping firewood with Elder Kettle supervising him.]

Mugman: Whew! Chopping firewood is sure hard work!

Elder Kettle: True, true, my boy. But if you work hard today...

Mugman: You can rest easy tomorrow. Being prepared is my middle name. Don't forget, I was the most decorated Cub Scout in my troop.

Elder Kettle: And don't you forget, winter is a merciless killer! We must procure enough firewood to keep us warm through the long, dark nights.

But with you and your brother's hard work, I'm sure we'll have more than enough to survive the winter.

[Elder Kettle and Mugman look at Cuphead.]

Isn't that right, Cuphead?

[Both of their expressions then turn shocked when they figure out that Cuphead isn't there and that Cuphead's firewood stock hasn't been chopped yet.]

Elder Kettle: Cuphead?

[Elder Kettle walks over to Cuphead's firewood stock angrily.]

Uh, where is that boy? And why hasn't he chopped a single piece of firewood?

[Firework sizzling is heard. Elder Kettle's expression turns concerned and confused, then looks to his right only to see Cuphead launching a firework.]

[The firework launches as Cuphead and Elder Kettle watch it launch and explode. Cuphead laughs hysterically for a few seconds.]

Elder Kettle: Oh! Consarn it, Cuphead! Don't you realize winter's coming? This is the time to work hard so we can enjoy...

[Cuphead launches another firework as he and Elder Kettle watch it launch and explode. Cuphead laughs hysterically again for a few seconds.]

[Elder Kettle grabs Cuphead's arm.]

Elder Kettle: That does it! You think this is funny?

[Elder Kettle drags Cuphead to the next pile of firewood.]

Elder Kettle: Well, now you are gonna take this pile of firewood and stack it neatly...

[Cuphead ties the pile of firewood on another firework and launches it, and explodes. Cuphead laughs hysterically once again for a few seconds.]

[Elder Kettle looks at Cuphead ominously.]

Elder Kettle: Do you have any idea what you've just done?

Cuphead: Yea. I got rid of all that stinkin' hard work.

Elder Kettle: And now we don't have any firewood for the winter.

Cuphead: Eh, I ain't too worried about it.

Elder Kettle: Oh, is that so? Well, now you get to gather the entire season's worth of firewood by yourself. So get chopping!

Cuphead: Yes, Elder Kettle.

[Cuphead devastatingly leaves the scene with his head hanging downwards.]

Mugman: Uh, you do realize he didn't even take an axe? [sighs] I'll go with him.

Elder Kettle: [groans]

[Meanwhile, in the forest, Cuphead proceeds to launch more fireworks while Mugman chops more firewood, however Cuphead keeps on taking the firewood and attaching it onto his fireworks. Soon, once Cuphead proceeds to take another one of Mugman's chopped firewood, Cuphead notices that no firewood has been chopped, soon to see Mugman standing on top of his tree stump, staring at Cuphead angrily.]

Mugman: Will you cut that out?

Cuphead: Ah, come on, Mugsy, don't be sore. I'm just having a little fun.

Mugman: We're not here to have fun, we're here to chop firewood! Huh!

[Mugman angrily walks over to his pile of firewood, picking up another log of firewood.]

Mugman: Stupid rockets. [mocking] "Having a little fun."

[Mugman walks back to his tree stump, only to see that Cuphead has tied Mugman's axe onto his firework. The firework launches and explodes, causing Mugman to drop his log of firewood.]

Mugman: Did you just launch my axe? You're lucky we still have yours.

[Cuphead then quickly runs to his axe, picks it up and quickly ties it on the firework. The firework launches and explodes.]

Mugman: [growls] Unbelievable! Now we'll have to go home and get another axe.

Cuphead: Okay, fine. Let's go.

[Cuphead proceeds to walk, soon to quickly stop walking as he forgot where they came from.]

Cuphead: Uh, which way was home again?

Mugman: It's obviously... Uh, I'm not sure. Hand me the compass.

[Cuphead ties the compass on the firework and places the firework log at the palm of Mugman's hand. The firework launches and explodes.]

Mugman: Why would you launch our only compass?

Cuphead: I guess I didn't think that one through...

Mugman: Without that compass, we really are... [yells] lost in the woods! [echoing] ...woods! ...woods!

Cuphead: Eh, I ain't too worried about it.

Mugman: Oh, you're not, huh? Well, it must be nice. The only reason you're not worried about anything is because Elder Kettle and I worry about everything for you. In fact, we do everything for you!

Cuphead: Oh, relax, would ya? Me not worrying about stuff is the only reason we have any fun around here.

Mugman: You wouldn't make it one day without me and my worrying!

Cuphead: Ah, banana oil! I've had it with you and your worrying!

Mugman: Oh really? Well, I'll ya what. I'll keep worrying about stuff and you keep not worrying about stuff, and see where that gets you!

Cuphead: Okay, I will!

Mugman: Good, I'm outta here!

Cuphead: Great, me too.

Mugman: Good!

Cuphead: Great!

Cuphead and Mugman: [grumble] Hmm! [chuckle] [both speak at once] I was going the other way- I went the wrong way too- Just a bit of a mix-up!- So I'll just find my own way out- Best be on my way then.