"How's the jaw, ol' chum?"
Lord Gob Packer, Death Screen

Lord Gob Packer, the Jawbreaker, is one of the minor bosses fought in Sugarland Shimmy level of Inkwell Isle Two. He is a subject randomly summoned by the level's main boss Baroness Von Bon Bon.



He is a large gobstopper or jawbreaker with the red-colored outside shell used as one of the color layers in his so-called "mouth", with multiple inside layers colored in yellow, white, blue, and again white respectively. His center ball is green with eyes.


Nothing much is known about his attitude in general. Lord Gob Packer's death screen suggests that he seems to like wisecracking at his rivals.


Lord Gob Packer's mini gobstoppers.

He will be selected randomly by Baroness Von Bon Bon for the first phase during the battle. Upon being summoned, he will fly towards wherever the player(s) are heading, and deals damage in contact. He also has a minion that follows him (whom cannot be killed until Lord Gob packer is defeated) and attacks the player, and the current position of player will soon get deadly. In Simple mode, there are no minions following him. In Expert mode, there will be two.

When defeated, his layers will start breaking one by one with the green core layer gaining a halo and then float away, the following ones will simply break apart, one by one, and a vibraphone jingle is heard playing.


  • Gob Packer's death quote is referencing the fact that jawbreakers/gobstoppers are too hard to bite without risking dental damage.
  • Along with Baroness' other subjects, Lord Gob Packer's name isn't official. That said, Tina Nawrocki revealed his pet name in a Twitter post when asked by a fan, with each subject's name being a candy-related play on words.
  • In Gob Packer's battle, while there is the red and blue gobstoppers, there is no point where a yellow gobstopper is seen during the fight. But in his death screen, there is a yellow gobstopper. This may be because the death screens were drawn before the battle sprites.
  • During his battle and in his game over screen, Gob Packer has six layers. But when he is defeated, only five layers are shown, with one of the white layers missing/not shown.


  • His name is a play on the hard candy gobstopper.
  • Gob Packer's "mouth" movement and appearance is similar to Pac-Man.


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