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"Medium range and good damage with a slower rate of fire."

Lobber, also known as the Bouncer in the game's code, is a weapon obtained from Porkrind's Emporium.


It fires a lobbed, heavily projectile that slightly arcs upwards, then falls back down and bounces on the floor. The projectile remains until it bounces twice and will pop on the third contact of a floor. The weapon deals great damage, but has limited range, with each shot dealing about 2.5x more than the Peashooter. It has a violet color and looks like a sphere. It is good against bosses that move very little. Due to the heavy falling the projectile does, aiming it can be tricky, and will sometimes require the player to jump as high as possible to compensate for that. It also has the property to set up some damage as it bounces on the ground. It is very effective against Grim Matchstick from the Fiery Frolic level in all phases and rumor honeybottoms on the last fase

EX: Kablooey - Like a Lobber shot, but bigger and with an area-of-effect damage, dealing equal damage regardless of the area of impact, meaning the EX projectile has no falloff. It can easily take out groups of minions at a range, but is still heavily affected by gravity, and shooting it upward or upper corners may miss the target far away. It does not bounce like the normal version attack, and goes through some platforms, such as the clouds in Grim Matchstick fight and platforms in Rumor Honeybottoms fight in the Honeycomb Herald level.


  • Lobber, Twist up, and the airplane's mini-bombs are the only weapons affected by gravity.