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Charms are items that can be bought from Porkrind's Emporium and equipped. They change elements of gameplay that usually help you in various ways. There are also some Unused Charms, such as The Turret.

List of Charms[]

Name Icon Description
Heart HeartIcon Adds an additional hit point but lightly weakens your attack power.
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb You will not take damage during a dash. A great defense maneuver.
P. Sugar PSugarIcon The first parry move is automatic — all you need to do is jump.
Coffee CoffeeIcon Super meter continuously fills -- in addition to what you earn.
Twin Heart TwinHeartIcon Adds two additional hit points but weakens your attack power.
Whetstone WhetstoneIcon Your first parry move doubles as a damaging axe attack.
Astral Cookie AstralCookieIcon Play as Ms. Chalice and gain access to her moveset.
Heart Ring HeartRingIcon Restores one HP to the player for their first, third, and sixth parries.
Broken Relic BrokenRelicIcon A simple bauble of unknown origin.
Cursed Relic CursedRelicIcon1 Jinxed curio that inflicts various status ailments.
Divine Relic DivineRelicIcon Wondrous talisman that grants a variety of abilities.