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"This dance is over, there's no excuse…you couldn't handle the giggle juice."
Light Bug, Death Screen

The Light Bug (whose name is currently unknown) is a member of the Moonshine Mob and the second mini-boss in Bootlegger Boogie.


The Light Bug is a light purple bug with a round abdomen, green eyes, blonde hair, and two antennae that poke through her hat. She wears a red dress, hat, a pair of high heels and a pair of white gloves and fur collar.


At the beginning of the battle, she is seen looking up at the ant cops before the battle starts. She then pulls her fan up behind her neck and walks off to the right of the screen, bumping off a Moonshine Barrel using her abdomen.

After Charlie Left Legs' defeat, he lowers the gramophone with her on it, thus starting her phase.


Death card mugshot rumrunners ph2

During her phase, she will dance left to right on the middle platform, hitting any players that come into contact with her. With her dancing, the gramophone emits soundwaves, that will turn yellow as a warning to move, and then red that will damage any players. As the phase goes on the soundwaves rotate faster and faster.

Additionally, some Moonshine Barrels and Ant Cops will travel around the other two platforms to make it slightly more challenging for the player(s).

After she is defeated, she will yell and stumble back as she then stands upon her knees. At the same time, the gramophone runs out of breathe and flops over. She then rushes back to her gramophone and they are both being pulled up while she waves goodbye to the players. On Simple Mode, the fight will end with her fainting.


  • Canonically, she is married to Charlie Left Legs.[1]
  • Her phase is reworked from the unused The Light boss.
    • This may also be why she is dubbed the Light Bug in the translation notes.[1]


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