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The Lantern, Shovel, and Pickaxe are a trio of NPCs appearing on Inkwell Isle Four in the DLC. They are climbing contestants that give the player clues to solve the enigma of the Cemetery.




The lantern is a clear lantern wearing the same shirt and brown shoes, along with light blue shorts and lipstick. She stands in first place.


The shovel is a red-handled shovel, with his face is on the handle. He holds a rope and wears a blue shirt with light blue sleeves underneath and a stripe in the middle, and gloves. He stands in second place and has no visible legs.


The pickaxe is a pickaxe with her face on the blade. She wears the same blue shirt and shorts and has a smaller pickaxe. She stands in third place.

Direction from the middle gravestone Lantern's quote Shovel's quote Pickaxe's quote
Up I can't believe I've won! Things are looking up! Second place? I've had it up to here with second place! Third place? I guess things can only go up from here!
Left There's no way the others could have caught me! I left 'em in the dust! Second place! The only thing left to do is get better for next year. I thought I had left behind being a bum. Third place! What a joke.
Right I'm the winner and all is right in the world. I may have gotten second place, but I think I did all right. It ain't right! I trained too hard only to come in third!
Down I may have won, but I don't look down on anyone for trying to compete. I've been down all morning, but this second place finish has me smiling! Worse than last year! Down to third place.
Up Left As a winner, I never gave up! Left 'em looking foolish! If the judging was left up to me, I wouldn't be in second place. All I can do is throw my hands up. Left to wallow in third place.
Up Right Leave it to an upright citizen like me to win the whole thing! I got up right at the crack of dawn just to come in second!? They think they're better than me? They can stick it right up their nose!
Down Left I was the first to the top, and those losers were left down at the bottom! I left downtown in a hurry, and forgot my gear. I'll settle for second. My pals cheered me on, but I let 'em down. Left the race in third.
Down Right I always win! I am downright awesome! Second place just ain't right! Down one place from last year. It's downright criminal they let these other jokers compete.


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