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King Dice's Assistants are King Dice's minions and minor characters of The Cuphead Show!


King Dice's assistants look like typical playing cards, except they also have hands and feet, unlike their in-game counterparts. They also wear a pair of yellow gloves. Some of them have long eyelashes, implying that some of the cards may be females. Some of them also have round faces.


Close to nothing is known about the playing cards' personalities, but they seem to dutifully obey to King Dice's orders, shown when he snaps his fingers for them to leave the room when they prepare him for the next segment of Roll the Dice. Some of them are also part of said show's band, indicating some of the cards' musical talent.


Roll the Dice[]

King Dice's assistants are first seen playing in the band of Roll the Dice. Some of them are later seen prepping and polishing him for the next segment, until he orders them to step out.


King Dice[]

As his assistants, they dutifully follow King Dice's orders and help him prepare between the breaks in Roll the Dice, as well as follow his instructions when he conducts the band.



  • They are based off of the playing cards that appear during King Dice's boss fight in the game. Contrast to their in-game counterparts, they all have hands and feet, with some of them even having round humanoid faces.
  • As shown in "Down & Out", King Dice can create them at will, and given that he still has this ability even after being fired by the Devil, it seems to be his own.
  • It is unknown if any of them know about King Dice serving the Devil's commands.
  • In terms of shape, they are slightly similar to the Card Guards from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.