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Joyride is the ninth episode of Season 3 of The Cuphead Show!


Crazy and Laugh are sleeping in their beds, while Elder Kettle sneaks in and sets off fireworks, waking the boys up in a panic. Elder Kettle gives them presents, which appear to be more fireworks, which he too sets off. Elder Kettle proposes that Crazy and Laugh have a "day of fun". He starts by making burnt pancakes, which he throws out of the window and pulls out the cookie jar. In disbelief, Crazy and Laugh eat all the cookies with Elder Kettle, before they run outside to go on a spending spree, taking their goat with them.

They arrive at the glasses store, and purchase four pairs of sunglasses by having Elder Kettle charm Screwdriver Lady. Wondering how he knows Ms. Chalice's song, Crazy and Laugh are suspicious. It turns out the entire time, Chalice was possessing Elder Kettle and taking control of him. After Chalice turns herself back into her normal appearance, the three of them run off and cause mischief around Inkwell Isle.

After the montage ends, the three of them go to get their fortunes. Crazy receives a negative fortune, while Laugh gets an ego boost from his one. Laugh receives a Devil ticket, and asks if the boys want to get cotton candy. They run off, leaving Laugh by herself. She goes back behind the machines and Henchman is there, instructing Chalice that "Boss wants to see her". She enters the elevator and goes down with Henchman.



  • This is the final appearance of Elder Kettle in the first order of episodes.
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