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Jerry is a recurring minor character in The Cuphead Show! and a mysterious person to whom Porkrind regularly sells black market goods. He is a character original to the show and is voiced by Frank Todaro.



He is always wary of everyone around him and loves to sneak into a room, even when this is unneeded, as Porkrind points it out when he enters his shop.



Jerry seems to have the most decent interactions with Porkrind, at least compared to how the pig talks to other characters. Jerry speaks to the merchant quite casually and likely views him in a friendly light, though it's ambiguous if Porkrind reciprocates this.


  • Jerry appears to take some visual influence from Sneak, Snoop and Snitch from the 1939 animated film Gulliver’s Travels and its spinoff shorts.
    • His wide-brimmed hat, neck scarf, and cackling habit might also be a nod to Walter B. Gibson’s pulp fiction vigilante, the Shadow.
  • He is prone to laughing and cackling in a mischevious way.