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Jelly The Octopus is an unused boss who would have been encountered in The Airship. He is a yellow octopus with cyan, triangular eyebrows and white and lavender tentacles. Unlike other bosses (and in a similar manner to the Spectre Syndicate's levels), he could only be damaged if the player parried the end of his large antenna. Doing so would result in his movement speed getting faster each time the player successfully parried him.


  • There is music that is called "The Airship" that is never heard in the game, since Jelly appears to be fought on an airship, it appears that this would be its theme. However, this song appears in the Cuphead official soundtrack.
  • This boss was either scrapped due to time constraints or the fact that you have to parry his antenna to damage him. Footage can be found here: [1]
  • Despite being playable at E3 2015, the boss was cut before a simple or expert version was made.
  • Jelly the Octopus may have been inspired by other cartoons featuring an octopus such as Frolicking Fish (1930), The Beach Party (1931), Plane Dumb (1933), or Merbabies (1938).
  • This unused boss battle, in terms of video games, may have been inspired by the battle with Squid Baron from the Shantae series.
  • Jelly the Octopus is one of the handful of bosses that need to be parried themselves.
    • The other ones are Head of the Train and Ribby and Croaks.
  • Despite being listed as a level in the debug level select menu as Airship_Jelly, all the files have been removed, and clicking on it will softlock the game.
  • Based on the Cuphead The Delicious Last Course trailer. It has been noticed that the ''Airship'' has been used as the music for the trailer. Meaning that Jelly the octopus and his crew are most likely going to come back in the DLC.


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