Cuphead Wiki

Mugman: We were tricked breaking into that cookie factory! This is what we get for listening to that Miss Chalice!

Cuphead: I don't wanna hear another word about Chalice or cookies ever again!

Mugman: I told you we shouldn't have hung out with her.

Cuphead: No you didn't!

Mugman: I didn't? Well that sounds like something I should've said.

Cuphead: Yeah! Aren't you supposed to be the cautious one?

Mugman: Oh! So now it's my fault we're in prison?

Cuphead: Pretty much. All I know is, we gotta get outta here. I'M GOING NUTS!

Mugman: Plus, Elder Kettle's glasses are probably ready by now!

Elder Kettle: Boys? I still can't find my glasses. I've looked everywhere. Oh, I give up. Help me boys!

Mugman: I'm scared, Cuphead. I wanna go home! I'm too soft for prison!

Cuphead: Don't worry. We're busting outta this joint. Tonight, at midnight, as the crow flies.

Mugman: What does that mean?

Cuphead: I don't know.

Warden: You boys just bought yourselves a day of breaking rocks! You boys just bought yourselves a night in the box! You boys just bought yourselves a night in the box, breaking rocks!

Cuphead: We almost had it! Next time, all we need is a little... DYNAMITE! What? You don't like dynamite? What we need is a more elaborate plan. Something way more complicated.

Mugman: No, Cuphead. What we need is to give up.

Cuphead: Mugsy! What are you saying?

Mugman: Being on the inside changes a mug. The only way we're getting outta here is to make the best of it and serve our time.

Cuphead: No! The only way we're getting outta here is to bust out!

Mugman: Well I'm not doing it that way!

Cuphead: Well I am doing it that way!

Mugman: Oh? You're doing it that way? Well, good for you!

Bee Cop: Hey! Quiet down in there!

Cuphead: Good for me? Great for me!

Mugman: I'm happy for you!

Cuphead: I'm happy you're happy for me!

Mugman: Good!

Cuphead: Great!

Mugman: Howdy, Harry Hatchet-Face! I patched up the holes on your favorite socks!

Harry Hatchet-Face: Wow! Thanks, Mugsy! Good as new!

Mugman: Morning, Lefty! Got that blood outta your jumpsuit!

Lefty: Thanks! You're the best, Mugsy!

Mugman: Here's your blanket, Miss Cyclops. You're welcome!

Down the deal, around the thing, up the doodad, through the-- Oh, still here, are you? Not for long. I got it all figured out. ( scoffs ) We can escape together. For the last time, Cuphead, I'm making the best of it. You sure? 'Cause I'm busting out of this joint. Then go ahead and go. Fine! I will! guard: Pipe down in there! Lights out! ( softly ) So go then, good for you. Great for me. I'm very happy for you. guard: I can still hear you! ( more softly ) I'm happy you're happy for me. Great. Good. Good. Good. Great. Great. both: Hmph! ( sad music playing ) Last chance. I've got everything I need right here. Bye, I guess. ( intriguing music plays ) ( grumbles ) ( clangs ) ( shouts ) Freedom! Uh-oh. ( electricity buzzing ) ( cell door opens ) ( sizzles ) Oh, look who's back. I didn't make it. ( groans ) I give up. What? You're giving up? But you never give up. I give up not giving up. ( sobs softly ) Okay, let's go. What? What do you mean? I can't stand seeing you like this. So we're getting out of here. You mean it? Yeah. But we're gonna do it my way. ( squeaks gently ) ( gloomy music plays ) Mugman. What are you waiting for? Every night at 1:30, a boat arrives with a laundry truck on it. That's our ticket out of here. ( ship's horn blows ) Right on time. ( ship's horn blows ) ( horn honks ) Okay, here we go. ( deep growling ) ( gasps ) ( grunts ) Miss Cyclops, are you gonna rat us out? ( mutters ) Mm. Mm-mm. ( tender music plays ) Oh, don't worry. Someone else will wash your blankie. ( whimpers ) As much as I love prison, my place is with Cuphead. Mm. Now, we've got a laundry truck to catch. ( screams ) ( echoing ) ( sirens blare ) Oh no! Hmm? ( dogs bark ) Hmm. ( wailing ) ( grunts ) ( both screaming ) ( sighs fondly ) ( dogs barking ) ( roars ) ( dogs whine ) ( both screaming ) Freedom! ( jubilant music plays ) Ah, home sweet home.

Elder Kettle: Boys! There you are. You just missed your friend. She brought my glasses. She sang me a song. Oh, she was so charming.

[Cuphead and Mugman both gasp]

Cuphead and Mugman: Chalice!

Elder Kettle: Yes. Chalice. That's her name. What a delight. Oh, by the way, and you two are GROUNDED FOR LIFE!!!!

Cuphead: Yes! Please ground us.

Mugman: Never let us leave again.

[Cuphead and Mugman kiss Elder Kettle's feet, and Elder Kettle looked at the screen and the episode ends.]