Inkwell Isle One is the first overworld featured in Cuphead. It is a slightly rural area, with meadows and forests. Once completed, you will be authorized to access Inkwell Isle Two.

Inkwell Isle 1 Map Full.png




Forest Follies:

  • Deadly Daisy
  • Murderous Mushroom
  • Fiery Flower
  • Bothersome Blueberry
  • Toothy Terror
  • Aggravating Acorn
  • Acorn Maker

Treetop Trouble:

  • Bouncin' Beetles
  • Woodpeckers
  • Stack O' Woods
  • Wasps
  • Dragon Fly

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General Levels

Level Name Preview Description
The Tutorial Tutorial jump.jpg A tutorial level on how to play Cuphead.
Platforming levels
Forest Follies CUPHEAD_-_Inkwell_Isle_One_-_Stage_1-_“Forest_Follies”_Gameplay_(1080p_60fps) Inkwell Isle One's first of two platform levels. One of the three levels initially available. Unlocks the Mausoleum I upon defeat.
Treetop Trouble Cuphead-_Treetop_Trouble_-_1080p Inkwell Isle One's second platforming level. Unlocked after beating Threatenin' Zeppelin. Unlocks a shortcut upon defeat.
Demo levels
Woodland Walk The first demo platforming level of the game.
Tricky Thicket Night night.png A demo level taking place at night.
Forest Frolic Third Demo level.
Backwoods Crusade Fourth Demo level.
Boss levels
Botanic Panic! Cuphead04.jpg A boss level where The Root Pack are fought. One of the three levels initially available. Unlocks Clip Joint Calamity upon defeat.
Ruse Of An Ooze Goopy lunge.PNG A boss level where Goopy Le Grande is fought. One of the three levels initially available. Unlocks Threatenin' Zeppelin upon defeat.
Threatenin' Zeppelin Hilda gears out.PNG A boss level where Hilda Berg is fought. Unlocked after beating Ruse Of An Ooze. Unlocks Treetop Trouble and Floral Fury upon defeat.
Clip Joint Calamity Ribby croaks phase 2.PNG A boss level where Ribby and Croaks are fought. Unlocked after beating Botanic Panic!. Unlocks the Mausoleum I upon defeat.
Floral Fury Kabloom intro.png A boss level where Cagney Carnation is fought. Unlocked after beating Threatenin' Zeppelin. Unlocks the Die House upon defeat.



This map's secret coin can be found on the trees behind the Chip. However, every boss must be defeated first so he can move away, allowing the player to collect it.



Cuphead - Inkwell Isle I - 100% Completion - Sheriff Achievement - All Bosses A+

A 100% walkthrough of Inkwell Isle One with all levels A+.


Version Soundtrack
Beta soundtrack

Cuphead Beta Music - Old Inkwell Isle One Music

Piano soundtrack

Cuphead OST - 14 - Inkwell Isle One (Piano)

Original soundtrack

Cuphead OST - 06 - Inkwell Isle One


This is the only Overworld to only have one aeroplane level. All the other overworld’s have two.

Inspirations and Similarities

  • According to an interview, Inkwell Isle 1 was originally more based on the art of kindergarten (like the art of turkey or macaroni) than on the forest.
  • The music used in Inkwell Isle 1 is based on the instrumental version of Scott Joplin 's . Sun Flower Slow Drag.
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