Inkwell Hell is the fourth and final overworld in the game, succeeding Inkwell Isle Three. It takes place at the Devil's Casino. It also has most of the unused bosses. (Like The Light, Pachi-Pachi and Card)

Level Name Preview Description
Boss levels
All Bets Are Off!
Dice card attack
A level where King Dice is fought. Is the only level available once you unlock Inkwell Hell. Unlocks One Hell Of A Time upon defeat.
One Hell Of A Time Devil's eye A level where The Devil is fought. Unlocked after beating All Bets Are Off!. Finishes the game upon defeat.

Demons, blue demons and fat purple demons

The last secret coin can be found behind the left wall on the ramp which leads to the entrance of the casino.


  • There is a mistake in the start menu screen where it says "Inkwell Isle Four" instead of Inkwell Hell.
  • It is the only place without a map.


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