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Inkwell Hell is the fourth and final overworld in the base game and beating it will finish the game. It takes place at the Devil's Casino.

Previous Overworld: Inkwell Isle Three


Level Name Preview Description
Boss levels
All Bets Are Off! Dice card attack A level where King Dice and his minions are fought. Is the only level available once you unlock Inkwell Hell. Unlocks One Hell Of A Time upon defeat.
One Hell Of A Time Devil's eye A level where The Devil is fought. Unlocked after beating All Bets Are Off!. Finishes the game upon defeat.

The last secret coin can be found behind the left wall on the ramp which leads to the entrance of the casino.

Version Soundtrack
Original soundtrack Inkwell_Hell
Piano soundtrack Inkwell_Hell_(Piano)


  • Prior to an update fixing the issue, Inkwell Hell was instead referred to as "Inkwell Isle Four" on the start-up screen.
  • Inkwell Hell is the first overworld with no Run N' Gun levels or NPCs, and to not have a Die House.
  • It is a much smaller overworld compared to Inkwell Isles 1-4, with it only having two levels. There are mini-bosses in King Dice, which makes it a total of 11 bosses.
  • While the player can progress to Inkwell Isles 2, 3, and Inkwell Hell by only beating the bosses on simple mode, starting "All Bets Are Off!" requires you to have all the soul contracts (that is, the player must beat each boss level on regular mode rather than simple mode).

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • The Devil's Casino is reminiscent of Bowser's Castle, specifically how it's depicted in Super Mario World; "All Bets Are Off!" is located in the casino itself, which is where the Front Door of Bowser's Castle is located, and "One Hell of a Time" is located in the tower next to the main building, which is where the Back Door of Bowser's Castle is located.
  • The soundtrack notably shares the same chord progression as the James Bond theme song. It also sounds similar to Charlie Spivak's cover of the song, Accentuate the Positive.
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