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The Icicles are enemies in the Downloadable Content campaign of Cuphead. They are fought in the Snow Cult Scuffle boss level of Inkwell Isle Four, and only appear while Mortimer Freeze is in his first phase.



Icicles are bluish-white teardrop-shaped creatures with stubby limbs. Their eyes are simple dark blue holes, and there is gender distinction between them: the Icicle Boy has nothing on his head and has an aggressive expression while the Icicle Girl has a small hair bow in her hair, eyelashes, and a more cheerful look. Icicles will break into small ice chunks when their health is depleted.


Icicles are summoned from Mortimer Freeze's coat as one of his attacks in the first phase. They fall from it and get stuck in the ground. After a while they pop out of the ground and run across the screen. The Icicles can be knocked out of the screen by the Winter Whale, they can be defeated by the player(s), and they can be destroyed by Mortimer Freeze in Phase 2. Icicle Boys run normally on their way out while Icicle Girls skip with their hands on their hips.


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