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The Hot Dog is a mini-boss found in Funfair Fever. It serves as the second mini-boss of the level. His location is close to the stage's end after some moving signs, and defeating him allows the player to reach the end goal.


The Hot Dog is a giant anthropomorphic hot dog. His arms and legs are made out of hot dog meat, he wears white gloves, and he is almost always seen smiling. The only time we see him frowning is when he is defeated. He also wears a hot dog bun as some type of vest; he has yellow eyes and has big bushy black eyebrows.


The Hot Dog serves as the end boss of Funfair Fever. Before the encounter, it will also serve as an obstacle by attacking while the player navigates the SNACKS & TREATS signs, as an extra difficulty to avoid combined with the fall damage and the bouncing pretzel enemies.


The Hot Dog can be fought at the end of the platforming section of Funfair Fever, and guards the end of the level. His only attack is to launch squirts of ketchup, mustard, and relish at varying heights, forcing the player to dodge over or under them on the moving sign platforms. The ketchup, mustard, and relish will be at the top, middle, or bottom Defeating the Hot Dog will cause him to disappear piece by piece, as if something is eating him. Alternatively, it can be bypassed by jumping and dashing over it when the last moving sign is at its highest point. He can also be skipped by dashing over his head or using smoke dash. Your nightmares will never be the same.

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  • The battle against the Hot Dog resembles Bowser in the first Super Mario Bros. game (third counting Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong), with the player dodging projectiles en route to the boss before the fight. However, instead of dropping the Hot Dog into a pit, the gang has to shoot him.
  • This enemy, the robot monkeys, and the cannon wall are the only enemies that did not appear in the Funfair Fever death screen. Although it could be due to him being too large to fit into the death screen.
  • He gives you nightmares.