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Holiday Tree-dition is the fifth episode of Season 3 of The Cuphead Show!


Elder Kettle, Cuphead and Mugman are decorating their house for Christmas, but are missing a tree. Cuphead and Mugman start to walk off as Elder Kettle slams the door on them, which the boys panic about. Elder Kettle gives them ten bucks to buy a tree from Porkrind, but makes it clear that he wants half of the money back when Cuphead and Mugman return. Cuphead and Mugman try to negotiate with Porkrind, but his final offer is fifteen bucks instead of ten. Shortly after though, Light Bulb buys the last tree, causing Cuphead and Mugman to cry. Porkrind then says that Cuphead and Mugman could cut down their own tree, but they don't have an ax. Porkrind sells one for ten bucks, which Cuphead and Mugman reluctantly agree to.

Cuphead and Mugman find a tree, but fight over who's going to chop it down, causing the ax to fly out of their hands and chop the tree down, making it fall on top of them. The tree slides away from them in the snow, and the boys chase after it. As they land on the tree after being hit by various obstacles, they end up in a bear cave. One of the bears throws out the tree, then Cuphead and Mugman, who are happy they survived the encounter, but don't notice that they enter an industrial woodcutter, which mangles their tree. Mugman says that this cannot get any worse, but Cuphead points to the edge of a cliff, which they fall off with the tree.

The tree bounces back up and regrows its leaves as Cuphead and Mugman fly back up with it. Elder Kettle comes out of his house, wondering what is taking Cuphead and Mugman so long, before he jumps away as the tree flies directly into the house, causing the boys to crash into their piano. Elder Kettle, Cuphead and Mugman set up the tree, while he gives them the honors of turning the lights on. Unfortunately, the cable malfunctions and sends an exposed electric current up the tree, burning it to a crisp. Cuphead and Mugman are upset that the tree is burnt, but Elder Kettle accepts it.




This is the only episode where character is seen smoking in which Elder Kettle is preparing his smoke pipe.

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