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For the in-game character, see Hilda Berg.

Hilda Berg is a minor character in The Cuphead Show! She made her appearance as a cameo in the episode, "Charmed & Dangerous."


She looks like her game counterpart, but with a pointier nose and lipstick.


Not much is known about Hilda's personality at the moment due to her very limited amount of screen time in the show. However, she might be a potential antagonist in the future as she led the brothers and Chalice off-track, and because of her role in the original game. However, it is possible she didn't mean for this to happen and simply wanted to wave hello to them.


Season Two[]

"Charmed & Dangerous"[]


  • Hilda is shown to be able to turn into an actual zeppelin, this is exclusive to her cartoon counterpart as her game counterpart is not shown to have this ability.