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High-Noon Hoopla is a level on Inkwell Isle Four where Esther Winchester is fought. It is represented on the map by a few cacti.


"Y'all took quite the fall...I s'pose it's the last call!"
Esther Winchester, Phase 1 Death Screen

The battle starts with Winchester appearing out of her Saloon, she will then use the following attacks:

  • She will use snake oil as pistols, that shoot oil out but will boomerang back to her. The oil drops then turn into oil snakes and target towards the player
  • Winchester will appear on the top window or entrance doors, and will lasso in a cactus.
  • A vulture will appear on the top of the stage, dropping some dynamite that will blow up and have small bits fly towards the top.
After taking enough damage, Winchester will blow a raspberry before exiting her saloon and sucking up everything else with her vacuum, moving onto the next phase.

"I've prepared y'all a tomb...right inside my vacuum!"
Esther Winchester, Phase 2 Death Screen

In the second phase, Winchester only has one attack. That being where will suck up several valuables, then afterwards, shoot out vaults that will explode and release more valuables when it hits the ground

After taking enough damage in this phase, Winchester will get sucked into her vacuum that will also turn into a cooker. Afterwards, the cooker explodes and it's revealed that Winchester has turned into several sausage links, thus moving on with the battle.

"Let's be franks here, I'm yer wurst nightmare."
Esther Winchester, Phase 3 Death Screen

In her third phase, she is running on all fours, while as a sausage. These are the following attacks:

  • One where she will spit out a slab of steak. She can also flap to spit out steaks on the top of the stage as well, some of the steaks can be parried.
  • An attack where a can of beans will pop out, either on the top or the bottom as an attempt to block off the player.
After taking enough damage for the third time, Winchester will appear stunned before entering an can of hot dogs. In Simple Mode, Winchester will only appear stunned without entering the can, thus ending the battle here.

"A gal can-tin-joy a moment's peace without you meddlin'."
Esther Winchester, Phase 4 Death Screen

In the final phase, the sausage links will pop out from the picture of a plate of hots dogs that Winchester on the cover is holding. The following attacks are listed:

  • One where the sausage links will fly out of the can and will travel either up or down, the only way to avoid them is to travel through gaps that do not have a sausage in them.
  • Another one where Winchester on the cover will spit out several peppers, in which some can be parried.
After taking enough damage for the last time, Esther Winchester will be defeated, as her face on the cover will appear with X for eyes while all the remaining sausages will travel upwards as ghosts.


Regular Mode Expert Mode
How_To_Beat_Esther_Winchester_NO_DAMAGE_(A+_Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC How_To_Beat_Esther_Winchester_on_EXPERT_MODE_(S-Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC


Version Soundtrack
The Music of Cuphead The_Music_of_Cuphead_-_The_Delicious_Last_Course-_Recording_‘High-Noon_Hoopla’
Original/In-game soundtrack High-Noon_Hoopla
Death screen Version Cuphead_-_The_Delicious_Last_Course_"High-Noon_Hoopla"_-Game_Over_Ver.-



  • "High Noon" is a common way of referring to noon in the Wild West, while "Hoopla" refers to an excited commotion.
  • This one of the first boss soundtracks to include vocal, that being the male yodelling, which was provided by Country singer Russell DeCarle. The others are Bootlegger Boogie and A Dish To Die For.
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