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For the in-game character, see Fat Demon.

"Aw, geez."
Henchman's catchphrase

"The...soul counter stopped."
Henchman, Carn-Evil

Henchman is, as his name suggests, The Devil's henchman and the neutral secondary antagonist of The Cuphead Show! He is voiced by David Wasson.



Henchman is a Fat Demon. Fat Demons are large, heavyset devils colored in brilliant purple. They have long beaky noses, a pair of short thin horns, small wings from their humps, elephant hoof-like feet, pointy devil tails, and slightly loose elbow-length gloves. All Fat Demons have yellow eyes with red pupils. Henchman has slightly different colours than an in-game Fat Demon: His face is white, while his horns, wing-webs, and gloves are all yellow. He doesn't often stand up straight, instead hunching his shoulders a bit.

While Henchman is essentially naked, he is briefly seen wearing a tailcoat identical to King Dice's near the end of "Roll the Dice". Clothed or not, he goes barefoot throughout the episodes and still wears his iconic gloves. In "Sweater Off Dead", he's briefly seen wearing a party hat. Henchman consistently changes outfits throughout "The Devil's Revenge!". He first appears wearing a grass skirt bound to a waistband of blue flowers. Later, after the cup brothers have escaped and the Devil has subsequently lost his bet with Henchman, the short demon wears a Hawaiian shirt that has a blue colour with light green stars, a pink lei, and a hat. At the end of the episode, while he is on vacation, he wears a full-body blue and white striped swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses. In a couple of episodes, his nails, noticeably, appear having received a richer golden colouration.


Despite being a demon and the Devil's primary assistant, Henchman doesn't seem to have a malicious bone in his body and seems to mostly concern himself with cheering the Devil up or, at least, keeping him from incinerating too many demons. When Mugman is taken by the Devil, rather than show malicious joy like his boss, he instead looks horrified and perhaps even empathetic for Cuphead, showing how he knew Cuphead pushed his luck too much and, unlike his boss, didn't want anything bad to happen. However, this is downplayed as he does still encourage the Devil to cause mischief around the Inkwell Isles when the latter is feeling down and excitedly asks the Devil for details once he's returned from his rampage. Additionally, he behaves pretty casually while reading a headline of dreadful events in the newspaper and seems to consider the souls being tormented outside of the Devil's window as much of a "beautiful day" as his boss does. He's also shown to be impressed with a forest being burned down to ashes (thinking it was the Devil that caused it). This could indicate that, for all his goodness and cheerfulness, Henchman still possesses traits that could be considered average for a demon. The Devil trusts him enough to admit to him that he failed to get Cuphead's soul at the beginning of "Sweater Luck Next Time" and let him treat his injuries at the end of the same episode. Henchman always stays by the Devil's side, no matter how scary and violent he can be and even sheds a tear of pride and joy when the Devil is inspired by him to go out and do some evil deeds again in "The Devil's Pitchfork". In both of the aforementioned episodes, it is implied that he is good at giving advice, often giving the Devil ideas that work (or can work) to his benefit.

Though the first impression he leaves is one of the stereotypical dopey flunky, he later proves to be very emotionally intelligent and quick enough on the draw to keep up with the Devil's mood swinging tendencies and fiery temper. Most notably, he realises immediately when the Devil has reached his rage-breaking point when Cuphead insults him one too many times in the second season's finale. Henchman is a sincerely affable demon who genuinely cares about the Devil and even looks out for his fellow demons, such as saving King Dice from the Devil's literal fiery temper and giving the invisible sweater to Stickler so the Devil can't hurt him, despite disliking him like his boss does. In general, Henchman is shown to be intelligent, gentle, and down-to-earth with an impressive amount of physical prowess. Henchman is always respectful and caring towards the Devil, as long as the latter doesn't attempt to fool him, as shown in "The Devil's Revenge!" when he attempts to cheat in his bet with Henchman. Oddly enough, despite the Devil having killed some of his imps for less than that, he seems genuinely shameful over Henchman's lecture.

He is a big fan of the game show Roll the Dice, and is appointed as the host after King Dice's failure to obtain Cuphead's soul.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight: While Henchman has considerably smaller wings than the other demons, at least compared to the rest of his body, his wings can function as well as any other demon.
  • Giving advice: Henchman is shown to be quite good at giving advice, especially to the Devil.
  • Even Temper: Contrast to the Devil, Henchman is very equanimous and can easily calm his boss down during his tantrums.
  • Dancing: Henchman seems to be somewhat good at dancing, as shown when he joins his boss and co-workers on the conga line. A better example of his dancing ability is shown in a deleted scene where he (literally) dances with the Devil while the latter tries to avoid Stickler and has almost no problem in matching his boss' dance steps.
  • Enhanced Strength: While it has gone unnoticed by many, Henchman seems to have considerable strength. He was able to temporarily lift King Dice when pulling him aside to save him from the Devil's fiery tantrum with one hand and forcibly turn the Devil around by the hips to notify him about the cup brothers escaping with little effort. Later on, he was able to pull the Devil's sleigh (which was completely stuffed with toys) like a reindeer all by himself, showing little exhaustion. Additionally, he was also able to pick up Chalice's large file, though he did seem to struggle a bit.
  • Invisible sweater Immunity: As opposed to the Devil, Henchman, at least on-screen, doesn't seem to receive any painful electric shocks when in contact with the invisible impenetrable sweater (albeit primarily due to it working only on the Devil), which allows him the ability to get the sweater off his boss.
  • Engineering: Henchman is implied to have remarkable engineering skills as shown in "A Very Devil Christmas", where he built a toy train for the Devil which was bigger and, according to the latter, had a better "choo-choo" sound than the one he originally wanted.


  • Clumsiness: Henchman is shown to be quite clumsy, which is mainly demonstrated near the end of "Roll the Dice", where he trips over himself and gets stuck in a band member's tuba after having been appointed as the new host of King Dice's show.
  • Slow-paced Conceivement/ Short Attention Span: Over the course of the series, Henchman has been shown to lose focus and be rather slow at processing to his surroundings from time to time, which is more explicitly shown in "A Very Devil Christmas", where it took him some time to realise the Devil's dilemma after he was turned into Santa Claus, and in "Dance with Danger", where he didn't respond when the Devil asked him to bring Chalice's file, at first.


Season One[]


Henchman is writing down the soul counter before the Devil starts singing. During the song where the Devil starts dancing, he interruptedly tells him that the soul counter has stopped counting. Later when Cuphead and Mugman escaped Carn-Evil, he said to the Devil that he never saw the him let someone escape before. The Devil soon hits his head with his trident as the episode ends.

Roll the Dice[]

Henchman is sent to retrieve King Dice after his failure to obtain Cuphead's soul. He excitedly asks for King Dice's autograph in the elevator down to Inkwell Hell, but is rejected. After King Dice is removed as the host of Roll the Dice, Henchman is appointed as its new host. He is much clumsier dancer than King Dice, and falls into a band member's tuba as the episode ends.

Sweater Off Dead[]

Henchman is touring the Gluttony Department with the Devil, before the Devil holds a party in celebration of collecting souls. He then joins in on a conga line from the Devil after he tries to get rid of Stickler. After the Devil has to go out to collect Cuphead's soul, Henchman sarcastically compliments Stickler.

Sweater Luck Next Time[]

Henchman congratulates the Devil and asks him if he wants a slice of leftover congratulations cake. The Devil roars at him and comes clean that he did not actually steal Cuphead's soul, he only said that to buy himself some time before Stickler finds out. Henchman tries to make the Devil feel better by giving him a ride at "The Obliterator" which did not cheer the Devil up. At the last part of the episode, Henchman repeatedly put some antiseptic on the Devil's wounded skin which caused the Devil to scream repeatedly in pain.

Season Two[]

Release the Demons![]

Upon seeing the Devil tearing the pages of a book entitled "Controlling Your Rage," still upset about not having retrieved Cuphead's soul yet, Henchman tries to lighten up his mood by complimenting him about his fur having almost grown back. When that doesn't work, he attempts to calm him down with some tea, to no avail as the Devil blasts it with his pitchfork once he hears the word "cup." He then asks Henchman to bring him his finest demons.

The Devil's Pitchfork[]

Henchman comforts the Devil after his previous defeat and attempts to cheer him up by opening his curtains to reveal souls being tortured outside and reads the headlines of tragic events in a newspaper. After that fails, Henchman then encourages that the Devil to use his pitchfork to blow off some steam and to torment those in the Inkwell Isles above. He then appears after the Devil accidentally leaves his pitchfork as he explains what he did, and Henchman says to retrace his steps on where he left it. After the two go back up to the surface, and the Devil is unable to find his pitchfork, Henchman compliments him for blowing up half the forest (being oblivious that Cuphead and Mugman were the ones that did it). He later then catches onto Cuphead's act with the pitchfork and later in the elevator horrified when the Devil kidnaps Mugman.

Season Three[]

The Devil's Revenge![]



When bubbles start appearing to prevent the Devil from accessing anything he cares about until he brings at least one soul to the Underworld, Henchman spends the episode bubbled.

A Very Devil Christmas[]

Down & Out[]


Henchman was not seen up until the very end of the episode. Chalice walked towards the elevator with him inside, with his one dialogue saying "boss wants to see you".

Dance with Danger[]

After Ms. Chalice's death, her ghost appears in an empty area with only the Devil at his desk and Henchman standing beside him. When the Devil ordered Henchman for his files, Henchman had seem to be dozing off until his boss grabbed his attention. He carried the heavy files and placed them on his desk so the Devil could review Ms. Chalice's file that recorded all her bad deeds. Near the end of the episode, up to when chalice was finished monologuing, Henchman didn't seem to care that much after her story and just wished her "good luck" at the end.

The Devil & Ms. Chalice[]


The Devil[]


Henchman at the Devil's side

"Thank you, Henchman."
The Devil to Henchman, various episodes

Henchman is, as his name suggests, the Devil's henchman and closest associate. Henchman has a friendly and helpful approach towards the Devil and, despite his clumsiness, the Devil is rarely aggressive towards him and even seems to appreciate him, such as knowing that he is a big fan of the King Dice show and never misses an episode. He cares for The Devil and wants to do everything to help him, such as trying to cheer him up with some cake and caring for his wounds, as shown in "Sweater Luck Next Time". Demonstrated in the same episode, The Devil trusts Henchman enough to admit to him that he failed to get Cuphead's soul. The Devil also seems to pay attention to Henchman's advice, notably concerning the Obliterator, which could allow him to force Cuphead to remove his invisible sweater.

Thank you, Henchman

"Thank you, Henchman."

The Devil noticeably avoids targeting Henchman in all of his attacks, which is specifically shown in "Release the Demons!". Seeing the Devil tearing the pages of a book entitled "Controlling Your Rage," still upset about not having retrieved Cuphead's soul yet, Henchman tries to lighten up his mood by complimenting him about his fur having almost grown back and attempts to calm him down with some tea, to no avail as the Devil blasts it with his pitchfork once he hears the word "cup" (not having left a scratch on his assistant). He is later seen helping the Devil send a squad of his finest demons. However, as he expresses his vengeance about Cuphead, he accidentally ends up destroying them, as well as his second finest demons. Over the course of this, Henchman demonstrates his cognizance of the Devil's incinerating outbursts, hiding behind a stalagmite and later pulling King Dice back too. Throughout most of the episode, Henchman corrects the Devil when he refers to Cuphead as "cup". Although it's clear that the Devil is very annoyed by this, he merely thanks Henchman for reminding him.

The Devil and Henchman Happy

The Devil telling Henchman about his mischief

In "The Devil's Pitchfork", Henchman attempts to cheer the Devil up, who is upset over no longer being able to collect Cuphead's soul because he missed the deadline, by reading the headline of the newspaper. This doesn't work until he hears a review about him, and how that his touch is getting frantically weaker, thus angering him and using his pitchfork to roast the newspaper. Henchman then encourages the Devil to cause mischief around Inkwell Isles and thus finally cheers up the Devil, who thanks him (sincerely this time) and goes out to do so. Afterwards, the Devil blissfully tells Henchman about the trouble he caused. Later in the same episode, Henchman helps him look for his pitchfork and tells him to retrace his steps, which makes him realize that he left it lying against a tree. Shortly thereafter, they find Cuphead and Mugman are the ones who have Devil's pitchfork. The two demons are later seen descending with Mugman in the elevator, leaving Cuphead standing in the woods alone, devastated.

Despite the fact that he gave the invisible sweater to Stickler, who the Devil is incredibly fed up with, the king of the underworld does not seem to be angry with Henchman about it after he finds out and doesn't even bring it up.

The Devil and Henchman Deal

The Devil and Henchman make a bet.

Henchman's relationship with the Devil is fleshed out considerably in the third season. In "The Devil's Revenge!", Henchman and the Devil make a friendly bet over whether the Devil will succeed or fail to break Mugman's spirit before the clock strikes twelve, where the Devil bets he will. Knowing how slimy the Devil is when it comes to betting, Henchman is quick to warn him not to cheat beforehand, cutting him to the quick. Over the course of the episode, while the Devil tries to win the bet without cheats, he eventually attempts to cheat after noticing that it's almost twelve. He lies to Henchman about having some dry cleaning for him to pick up. Though temporarily fooled, the Fat Demon is quick to realise his boss is lying and catches him in the act when he tries to turn the clock back.

Henchman catches the Devil

Henchman catches the Devil attempting to cheat

Although the Devil tries to excuse himself, Henchman is not convinced in the least and expresses his disappointment in the Devil for trying to play dirty. The Devil, still trying to cover his tracks, calls Henchman rude, to which his assistant only responds that he ought to be ashamed of himself. Through this, it is shown that while the Devil can trick others into numerous situations, such as giving their souls, he really can't fool Henchman. They briefly argue until they notice the cup brothers escaping. At the end of the episode, Henchman has won the bet.

The Devil and Henchman at the Auditions

The Devil and Henchman at the auditions

In "Cupstaged", the Devil holds a performance for his workers. However, Henchman is the only demon to cheer for him as the other spectators are not that intrigued. Later, Henchman accompanies the Devil after learning that Sally Stageplay is hosting auditions for Inkwell Isle's most ambitious show to date: Cup Rogers vs. The Meteor: A New Space Opera. The Devil's motivation to audition is that while he may be feared, he wants to be adored and appreciated in the theatrical arts. Though Henchman claims that he adores him, the Devil insists that he wants to be appreciated by random strangers.

"Aw, thanks, boss."
Henchman to The Devil, Roadkill

The Devil Catches Henchman

The Devil catches Henchman

In "Roadkill", The Devil orders Henchman to bring more doughnuts after Stickler has made him drop his. Due to his indolence in retrieving all the souls he lost due to Cuphead and Mugman or collecting souls in general, the Devil, according to Stickler, has activated the Bubbles of Failure that entomb everything the Devil cherishes (that he himself designed) to encourage soul collection. If he doesn't collect a single soul within a business day, all assets will remain permanently seized. Henchman also appears in one of those bubbles, heavily implying that, despite the Devil’s rudeness, he genuinely does have affection for him. Near the end of the episode, after The Devil returns to the Underworld, having brought back a soul (the Telephone's), he catches his assistant after the bubbles begin to break, leaving the Fat Demon flattered. He asks if he got more doughnuts, to which he replies that he couldn't as he was in the bubble.

The Devil Confronts Henchman

"Henchman, you knew about the nice list and you didn't tell me. Why?"

The two demons are the focus characters in "A Very Devil Christmas". The special is focused on the Devil trying to enter Santa's nice list (with Henchman's assistance) and helping him deliver the toys in order to get a toy train. After the Devil learns about the "Nice List" and the "Naughty List", he returns to the Underworld during a round table discussion and learns that Henchman and the other Imps already knew about them. The Devil asks Henchman why he didn't tell him about the "Nice List", to which he replies that he (quite rightly) didn't think it was his type of list as he is evil to the core.

The Devil and Henchman Christmas

The Devil and Henchman deliver the presents

After a visit to the North Pole, where the Devil asks Santa Claus for the toy train he wants and later gets assistance to gain a place on the Nice List by turning into Santa, he and Henchman begin a journey to deliver the gifts for everyone on the Nice List. Throughout the episode, it's shown that Henchman is not only adept at managing his boss' mood swings, but also giving him the right encouragement to snap him out of his slumps. Additionally, another example of the Devil listening to Henchman's advice is shown when the Fat Demon suggests he uses his pitchfork to get inside houses to deliver the presents rather than go through the chimneys, as he had difficulty doing so. With their last destination being Cuphead and Mugman's house, it is then that the Devil discovers that the gift Cuphead wants is the same toy train he wants. Though considering to keep it at first, the Devil eventually lets the little cup have it, who wishes him a Merry Christmas (without knowing that he isn't Santa). As it was something nice to do, the two demons are delighted to see that the Devil's name has been added to the Nice List. When they return to the North Pole, having successfully delivered the presents, the Devil soon turns back to normal. When he asks Santa about a toy train again, Santa tells him that his present is even better than that: the joy of being nice. Though Henchman is touched, the Devil becomes furious and quickly ushers Henchman to return to the Underworld.

Merry Christmas, Boss

"Merry Christmas, boss"

At the end of the episode, the Devil is upset about not getting the train he wanted, even after doing everything he was supposed to, only to be greeted with a surprise: a bigger train with an even better "choo-choo" sound than the one he originally wanted. Believing that it was Santa Claus that brought it to him, he blissfully jumps aboard and starts playing with it. It's then revealed that it was Henchman that built it for him. Smiling from behind his boss' throne, he wishes the Devil a Merry Christmas.

The Devil and Henchman see King Dice

The Devil and Henchman see King Dice

In "Down & Out" the Devil and Henchman come across King Dice again after they decide to go to the "new club" the latter heard about (mainly to avoid going through a ledger review with Stickler). There, they find Dice performing. During the break, the Devil tells Henchman to wait outside and confronts Dice, reminding him of the last time he was unable to capture Cuphead, revealing that, if he failed, he would destroy him. However, instead of being terrified, King Dice reassures him that it's all part of his plan to make up for it: with Cuphead believing to be his "manager", he's planning on getting him to sign a business contract, which gives ownership of his soul directly to the Devil. Hearing this, the demon decides to give his former Number One one last chance. King Dice presents the scroll to Cuphead as a contract that confirms the cup as his official manager, only to be turned down, with Cuphead claiming that "music's out and comedy's in", using Mugman's ventriloquism as an example.

The Devil, Henchman, and King Dice in the Elevator

The Hell Trio in the elevator

This infuriates the Devil, who proceeds to leave with Henchman back to the Underworld. Just before they get in the elevator, they notice Dice walking out of the barn and the Devil stops him. Near the end of the episode, however, a more positive interaction is seen between the two. While the Devil is very disappointed in King Dice, he admits that Dice "has something that's been sorely lacking from the organisation for too long" and how it needs "his glitz, pizzazz, and razzle-dazzle." Though baffled at first, King Dice agrees and the two demons welcome him into the elevator with them.

The Devil's Office

Henchman by the Devil's side in his office

In "Dance with Danger", the Devil and Henchman appear alongside each other when Chalice makes a deal with the Devil to be resurrected.

In "The Devil & Ms. Chalice", Henchman cheers for the Devil and Chalice after having performed a dance routine. The king of the Underworld and his assistant are later seen observing Chalice to ensure she holds her end of the favor to betray Cuphead and Mugman, and get them to sign soul contracts. After she rips the contract, the Devil becomes infuriated and, after a bit of pushing from Chalice claiming her dancing to be the best, suggests to sort things out with a dancing competition. If she wins, she gets her life and doesn't own the Devil anything. If the Devil wins, he obliterates Chalice.

Henchman comforts The Devil

"Thank you, Henchman..."

Eventually, the Devil wins. Just as he is about to obliterate Chalice with his pitchfork, Cuphead steps in and challenges the Devil to a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" competition. If the Devil wins again, he turns Chalice to ashes and claims Cuphead and Mugman's souls. Beforehand, he orders Henchman to hold his pitchfork (a smaller example of his trust towards his assistant) and begins the challenge with Cuphead, which the latter wins multiple times, subsequently upsetting the Devil more. The Devil desperately demands a rematch but Henchman tells him it's time to go. Admitting to having been defeated, the Devil hangs his head in disappointment. As the two demons head to the elevator, Henchman comforts the Devil and manages to brighten him up a little bit by giving him his pitchfork, as it always cheers him up, and offering to draw him a bath, to which the Devil expresses gratitude.

The Devil nudging Henchman

The Devil nudging Henchman

The Devil is notably a lot less harsh on Henchman, compared to his other minions. Even when Henchman annoys him, the worst the Devil does is just give him a sarcastic, "Thank you, Henchman," even when alluding to things that will bring out the Devil's extreme anger. He generally seems to be the closest thing the Devil has to a friend, being the only demon seen to act as his advisor and generally just caring about the Devil's health and well being, as well as the only demon who the Devil confides in and never seriously threatens in any way, indicating that he genuinely values Henchman's companionship on some level.


The Devil and Henchman annoyed by Stickler2

The Devil and Henchman annoyed with Stickler

While they're not seen interacting that much on-screen and judging by his reaction upon seeing Stickler coming in in "Sweater Off Dead", where he says "Not this guy.", it can be assumed that Henchman does not have a positive view of The Devil's auditor.

Henchman angry with Stickler

Henchman angry with Stickler

He expresses annoyance with him as he keeps pestering the Devil about how he hasn't collected Cuphead's soul yet, even frantically motions for him not to bring it up, and gets angry at him for ruining the latter's party, only to be met with Stickler reacting defensively and refusing to apologize for doing his job. Despite this, his annoyance towards him doesn't stop him from giving Stickler the invisible sweater so that the Devil can't kill him, indicating that he does seem to actually show some concern for him. However, it cannot be said that the feeling is mutual.

As of the second season, Henchman is also shaping up to be the perfect opposite of Stickler. Personality-wise, Henchman is a tad dopey but emotionally intelligent and caring towards his boss, where Stickler is a highly intelligent auditor with a brain like a machine but relentlessly takes his own boss to task over bureaucracy despite the very real dangers of doing so. They also have opposite relationships with the Devil - Henchman is the closest thing the Devil has to a friend, whereas Stickler is completely and totally despised by Old Scratch. This culminates in an attempt by the Devil to flat out try to kill Stickler, only thwarted by the impenetrable, invisible sweater. Furthermore, Sticker either cannot or refuses to pick up on the Devil's mood swings. Henchman, however, is likely the only person in the setting who can safely counter his boss' volatile behaviour and calm him down.

In an in-character Q&A with the Devil hosted on Twitter by Deeki Deke, it's revealed that Henchman gave the invisible sweater to Stickler to ensure the Devil wouldn't get zapped again by putting it somewhere he'd never touch (as he knows that the Devil tries to avoid Stickler at all costs).

King Dice[]

Henchman and King Dice in The Elevator

Henchman asks King Dice for his autograph

They have familiarity with each other. According to the Devil, Henchman is a big fan of King Dice's show and never misses an episode. In "Roll the Dice", when The Devil wants to see King Dice, Henchman asks for his autograph, to which King Dice indignantly declines. Both of them seem to be somewhat alarmed about the Devil's anger, though King Dice didn't seem to realize the danger as seen in "Release the Demons!" where he has a baffled look on his face when Henchman pulls him aside during the Devil's tirade about Cuphead.

In "Down & Out", Henchman generally appears happy to see King Dice again and is amazed by his performance at Cuphead and Mugman's club. He can also be seen smiling at him as he and the Devil welcome him into the elevator, likely happy to have him back in the organization.

In some ways, King Dice can be seen as a foil to Henchman as well: both are the nearest the Devil has to minions/ sidekicks (since he goes through his other mooks in rapid succession), however, while Henchman is a dopey and clumsy assistant who tries to mediate his boss and his subordinates, King Dice is a devious and charismatic sycophant who wants the perks that come from being the Devil's "Number One" without putting any actual work in, and will gladly manipulate and backstab the Devil's other lackeys to maintain his own credibility. Also, while King Dice is deluded into thinking he is on special terms with the Devil (who treats him as an annoyance at best), Henchman is closest to having a genuine, if unflaunted, friendship with the Devil.

Head writer Deeki Deke once said on Twitter that King Dice might actually hold a one-sided resentment towards Henchman for his proximity to the Devil and that, since Henchman took over and hosted Roll the Dice, it's highly unlikely for King Dice to give him an autograph.


While they don't interact, Henchman knows who Cuphead is, being the Devil's rival and the main reason behind his frequent tantrums. Even though he doesn't have an emotional stake in the idea of taking Cuphead's soul, Henchman wants to do everything to help the Devil with his goal. The only time the two are seen face-to-face is near the end of The Devil's Pitchfork, though they don't interact with each other. Cuphead likely recognizes Henchman as one of the Devil's minions, being a demon and always appearing by his side.

Despite him and Mugman injuring his boss multiple times, Henchman doesn't express anger or wish harm towards the two cups. However, he still alerts the Devil when he spots them attempting to escape the Underworld.


Although the characters don't interact on-screen, Henchman knows who Mugman is, being Cuphead's brother, his boss' rival. Despite him and Cuphead injuring his boss multiple times, Henchman doesn't express anger or wish harm towards the two cups. However, he still alerts the Devil when he spots them attempting to escape the Underworld. He is likely aware of the cup's interferences when the Devil tried to get Cuphead's soul and even warns his boss not to underestimate him. Mugman likely recognizes Henchman as one of the Devil's minions, as he's always by his side, and given the fact that he spent a while in the Underworld, he might also know his name.

Henchman seems to share some traits with Mugman, especially when it comes to his relationship with the Devil, which resembles Mugman's relationship with Cuphead, in a sense; the difference is that the two demons are friends while the two cups are brothers. Both are very intelligent, openly caring, and often try to keep their companions in-line (Mugman keeping Cuphead out of trouble, Henchman keeping the Devil on track no matter how many mood swings he has). Both of them can be very cheerful, even in situations that don't call for it, as well as rather oblivious (Mugman when he first meets Baby Bottle and is taken to the Underworld, Henchman about the Devil meeting Santa Claus while the latter is facing a dilemma). They, additionally, seem to share a talent in constructing (Mugman building a log cabin with a stove despite the limited resources, Henchman building a bigger and -to quote the Devil- better toy train for his boss in, seemingly, short notice).

Ms. Chalice[]

The Devil and Henchman with Chalice

Henchman appears to have familiarity with Chalice. While he holds a rather stoic tone when he talks to her, retaining his usual bubbly personality, he is visibly worried and concerned over the course of her deal with the Devil, even wishing her good luck when the latter wants to see her. Like Cuphead and Mugman, Chalice likely recognizes Henchman as one of the Devil's minions, being a demon and always appearing by his side, and may have learned who he is during her time in the Underworld, most likely through the Devil.



  • He is based off of the fat purple demons that appear during the Devil's boss fight in the game.
  • At first, it seems like the Devil calls him "henchman" because he doesn't even bother to learn his henchman's name. However, later on when he replaces King Dice as the host of "Roll the Dice" after Dice fails to collect Cuphead's soul, he's introduced as "The Henchman" as if it was his actual name.
  • Henchman appears to be the Devil's true right-hand man in the show instead of King Dice, who was his right-hand man in the original game, since he's always at his boss's side encouraging him, tirelessly assisting, and managing the affairs of hell, and is notably one of his prized possessions that's in danger of getting repossessed if the Devil doesn't take at least one soul.
    • Additionally, it is quite noticeable that, almost all the time, Henchman stands on the right side when he's next to the Devil, such as in the control rooms, the staff meeting, and the series' opening sequence.
  • Henchman is the only one of the Devil's sidekicks who doesn't refer to him as "sir." He's also the only one that speaks to him in singular.
  • He shares similarities with Pain and Panic, Hade's sidekicks from Disney's Hercules, being obese like the former. (Quite fitting considering the Devil bursting into flames when angry may have been inspired by Hades.)
  • Henchman is unique to his role in the series as he is between two archetypes. Despite being both a tad dopey and the Devil's seemingly annoying and incompetent assistant, he is not really that foolish. He is highly emotionally intelligent and caring towards his boss, and is the closest thing the Devil has to a friend throughout the series. Additionally, unlike most villain sidekicks, he has a good relationship with his boss and, though alarmed about the Devil's anger, he is ultimately not afraid of him whatsoever and is likely the only person in the setting who can safely counter his boss' volatile behaviour and calm him down. As it is still his job to keep the Devil's emotions from clouding his judgement and actions, he seems to have a pretty good understanding of when to draw the line and call him out.
  • A running gag in the series is The Devil referring to Cuphead simply as "Cup" and Henchman adding the word "Head" immediately afterwards, as if he thinks his boss has forgotten Cuphead's full name.
  • Unlike in the game, it's Henchman that makes a bet with the Devil, instead of King Dice.
  • Henchman is shown to be ambidextrous in various episodes such as "Carn-Evil" and "A Very Devil Christmas"; he can write with both hands.
  • Given Henchman's hyperactive personality, combined with the fact that he is easily distracted, it could be implied that he has a lighter form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  • Henchman often bites his lip when he is close to someone he likes or admires, such as his boss, the Devil, King Dice, and Santa Claus.
  • He often starts his sentences with "Duh" and peppers his sayings with filler noises.
  • While he normally has a mouth full of teeth, he is sometimes seen with a single bucktooth, likely to indicate his more goofy side.
  • He snores.
  • He can recite the reindeer roll call perfectly, as seen in "A Very Devil Christmas".
  • Similarly to the Devil, sometimes, the shape of Henchman's tail changes at different emotions; it wags when he's extremely happy and crooks when he's caught off-guard.
  • In the game, Fat Demons have the ability to shoot out skulls at the player(s). It's currently unknown if Henchman possesses any similar powers.

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