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"Ms. Chalice, what's our number one rule?"
The Chief Penguin reminding Ms. Chalice about their Number 1 rule, Dance with Danger

The Chief Penguin is the feared abusive boss of the Inkwell City Orphanage, and the main antagonist of the episode, Dance with Danger.


Chief Penguin is very similar in appearance to her sisters (except for small round glasses and slightly messy, uncut hair). He is a person aged approximately 40-60.

It has a long orange beak and flushed cheeks. He wears a dark brown shirt, and a white apron resembling the belly of a penguin.

She can often be seen with a bright yellow ruler.


Little is known about her. Although we are made to understand that he takes his job very seriously.

She is aggressive, obnoxious, nervous, sullen, selfish, heartless, nasty, and unfriendly.

She forces the orphans to do her chores for her. If one of the orphans breaks the rules, she will be punished very severely.

However, she showed great fear when she saw Chalice jumping out of the window. And also with sadness, he watches it fly away. Which means it's not completely bad.


Dance with Danger[]

Long ago, when Ms. Chalice was a Lil' Chalice, she was the head boss of the Inkwell City Orphanage, where she would abuse the orphans into labor and punish them severely if they slacked off or broke a rule. One day, Ms. Chalice broke a rule, when she tapped danced to the rhythm while working, causing the Chief Penguin to punish her by moving her to another chore, but this kept repeating until they are left with no choice, but to hang her.

One day, Ms. Chalice planned to escape from the orphanage, and stole all the penguins' ruler, they would use to hit orphans, until she came across the Chief Penguin's ruler, which she failed to grab. After being able to grab her ruler, Chalice makes a run for it, and constructs a glider when she hits a dead end. The Chief Penguin then warns her to step away from the window, but the latter refuses and jumps out of it and flies away, much to their shock.

The Chief Penguin is not seen afterwards, but likely remained her duty and still kept abusing the other orphans, and likely during the present day, either died or retired from her job at the orphanage.


  • Her role is similar to that of Miss Hattie from the first Despicable Me movie, both being depicted as an abusive boss of an orphanage, and would drastically labor orphans into doing tasks/chores for them, otherwise, they would both punish them harsh. Although unlike Hattie, it is unknown if the Chief Penguin shows a straight face to any visitors.
  • Although Penguin Caretakers is her sisters, during the episode, it is never stated.
  • She was the only one of all the antagonists who did not interact with Cuphead and Mugman, and it doesn't have the game original.