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For the in-game character, see Grim Matchstick.

Grim Matchstick is a minor character in The Cuphead Show! and a minor antagonist in "Dangerous Mugman."


Grim Matchstick looks more or less the same like in the original game. Grim bears an appearance similar to a typical dragon character from the show's time period.

They are a large, slightly chubby, European three-headed dragon with a very simple design, consisting of lime-green scales and a light-amber underbelly (lacking segments) that starts off at their distinct, beak-like muzzle. They have large pie eyes, no visible eyebrows (minus an indentation) and featureless ears.

On their shoulder blades, they have average-sized, bat-like wings, the same color as their scales. His limbs are rather small and stubby, with four fingers on each hand, two toes on each foot, and white claws/talons. They also have solid-white spikes running all the way down his spine (like many other dragons in popular culture), and a very long tail.


As Grim has no dialogue, there is not much information about his personality. However, he is shown to be overprotective of his children.


The Cuphead Show! Intro[]

Grim Matchstick's first appearance takes place in the intro, where he is shown to be flying over the Inkwell Isles.

Season One[]

"Dangerous Mugman"[]


  • In his regular look, Grim Matchstick is shown to have three heads, unlike his game counterpart, who has only one head.
  • While Grim was depicted as male in the original game, their behaviour here is more in line with that of a stereotypical mother animalnote (though in real life, there are many animal species where the father raises the offspring). Further, lack of an apparent mate would suggest Grim was the one who laid the egg, but a lack of vocal clues or tertiary physical characteristics keeps the issue ambiguous.