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The Gnomes are enemies fought in the Gnome Way Out boss level of Inkwell Isle Four. They appear in all three phases.



The gnomes are common stereotypical gnomes, they are small, bearded men with pointy hats and shoes that come in multiple colors such as blue, teal, pink, and red on the cover of Cuphead in A Mountain of Trouble. Unlike other characters in the game, they are depicted as having stick figure-like lines for limbs.


As shown in A Mountain of Trouble, the Gnomes are shown to speak in rhyme, and are easily offended when referred to as "small". They are shown to respect Glumstone and appear to have a symbiotic relationship with him. They are also sportsmanlike and fair, being the judges of the camp competitions. In-game, they are all shown constantly smiling, even as they get knocked off in the fight intro as Glumstone breaks out of his stone shell.


The Gnomes appear in many attacks of Glumstone The Giant, with their behaviour appear changing with each phase. Here is a list of them:

  • During the first phase:
    • A row of blue ones appear on the ground and in Glumstone's beard, standing on top of them makes them poke up after a short while. The Gnomes retract their heads into the beard when Glumstone tears off his beard during his transition.
    • Right under each pillar, some of the blue Gnomes can permanently stay up and start to dance around, not moving from their spot otherwise. They occasionally pull on their beard and shoot a gold nugget out of their head; sometimes these nuggets can be pink and be parried. They can be defeated.
    • A green Gnome can show up under the pillars and seen climbing up them. After reaching the top, they hold up a hammer and strike down twice. They can be defeated.
  • During the second phase, they can still jump out of the beard left over on the platform and back in, telegraphed by creating a small bump before jumping out. Some wear pink and can be parried. They can be defeated.
  • During the third phase, they are wearing scuba diving suits and jumps out of Glumstone's pool of stomach acid in either side of the screen. They shoot a blow dart bird horizontally across the screen and some of them can be parried. They can be defeated.

They are also seen in the first phase riding on some geese during the geese xing attack and help brewing the potion for the gas attack which some can be parried. They also appear on the foreground spectating the ball match between the puppet King Dice and The Devil in the second one.


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