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Gnome Way Out is a level on Inkwell Isle Four where Glumstone The Giant is fought. It is represented on the map by Glumstone's rock feet.



  • Platform Maneuvering
  • Projectile Dodging
  • Precise Parrying
  • Proper Aiming


  • Roundabout, Crackshot, Chaser or Peashooter (Phase 1)
  • Crackshot, Chaser or Spread (Phase 2)
  • Crackshot, Chaser, Twist-Up or Spread (Phase 3)

"You thought you were bold, but I'm boulder."
Glumstone The Giant, Phase 1 Death Screen

Before the battle, he starts out as a snowy mountain in which his mouth is a goldmine. A gnome smashes his pickaxe into a chunk of gold which is his golden tooth in an attempt to mine it while two other gnomes watched on. This cause Glumstone to awaken, crushes the wooden scaffolding and his stony mountain hide explodes into pieces blowing away the gnomes and beginning the fight.

In this phase, Glumstone will use a variety of attacks:

  • Several gnomes will appear on the bottom of the stage and will poke out and use different attacks.
  • Glumstone may blow his nose as a whistle to call a skein of geese that will fly on top of the stage, catching any player who is on top during that duration.
  • Glumstone may pull down his bottom lip to reveal two gnomes, brewing a potion, that will summon purple clouds. One type of cloud can be parried.
  • A cyan gnome may appear on one of the platforms, and will use a mallet to smash the players if they come into contact with it.

"Ah, such a delightful treat... I had a hand in your defeat!"
Glumstone The Giant, Phase 2 Death Screen

In the second phase, Glumstone loses his beard, along with getting a black eye. In this phase, he uses puppets of King Dice and the Devil, as the two will toss their ball across the stage, likely hitting any players who come into contact with it. Occasionally, gnomes will climb into the beard and will pop and fly out from it, with some even being parriable.

After taking enough damage, the puppets will be damaged and the ball will be destroyed, as Glumstone lowers them, before breaking the platform and swallowing it, thus also swallowing the player(s) as well. In Simple Mode, the fight ends here.

"Give up now is my suggestion, lest you give me indigestion."
Gnome Leader, Phase 3 Death Screen

In the final phase, Glumstone will swallow the player, making the entirety of this phase take place inside his stomach. The player must always be standing on one of five skulls floating in the stomach acid, as touching the acid does instant damage. The attacks mainly come from Glumstone's ulcer, which is what the player must attack:

  • Occasionally, on either side, gnomes will jump out of the stomach acid and spit bird-like projectiles that fly horizontally across the screen. Some of them are pink, meaning they can be parried.
  • The ulcer will move side to side across the top of the screen, which will spit out one of two things:
    • A bone, which will fall on the head of one of the skulls, causing said to skull to open its mouth and wildly ring pink bells. This can be parried, which will cause the skull to close its mouth, making it able to be stood on again.
    • A drumstick, causing the skull it lands on to begin feeding on it and sink down into the stomach acid for a few seconds to eat the drumstick. After about 5 seconds, the skull returns to the surface, able to be stood on again.
Upon taking enough damage, the ulcer will be defeated, as it screams.


Regular Mode Expert Mode
How_To_Beat_Glumstone_The_Giant_NO_DAMAGE_(A+_Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC How_To_Beat_Glumstone_The_Giant_on_EXPERT_MODE_(S-Rank)_-_Cuphead_DLC


Version Soundtrack
Original/In-game soundtrack Gnome_Way_Out
Game over soundtrack Cuphead_-_The_Delicious_Last_Course_"Gnome_Way_Out"_-Game_Over_Ver.-



  • The name "Gnome Way Out" is a pun for the term "No Way Out."
    • "Gnome Way Out" is one of two official non-Inkwell Hell boss level names that does not include alliteration or a rhyme/near rhyme. The other is Murine Corps.
  • The Overworld icon is a reference to Glumstone's feet, just while he is asleep.
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