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The Gnome Berries are one of the ingredients of the Wondertart. They are held by Glumstone and his gnomes in the level Gnome Way Out.



In their ingredient form, Gnome Berries are similar to real-world strawberries, and are put in a gnome hat and on top of Glumstone's beard.

As part of his community service as shown in the end credits, Chef Saltbaker is seen helping the gnomes farm a batch of Gnome Berries.


In A Dish To Die For, a sentient basket with a muzzle contains the Gnome Berries. He wears yellow gloves and shoes. He has black rubberhose limbs, a black nose, and puffed up cheeks.


In the first phase of Chef Saltbaker's fight, a sapient box of Gnome Berries would be looking back and run across the table. In the event that the box runs across the screen, he will be squished by Chef Saltbaker where the berries inside will fly off-screen and rain down to the left either sliced or whole. He will start crying as he runs from the table. This character is the only unwitting weapon that doesn't get mutilated by any of the attacks that Saltbaker uses during his battle.

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