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Ginger is an NPC who appears in Inkwell Isle Two nearby Funfair Fever. She gives you a mission to find a shortcut and in exchange, she gives you a coin for your troubles.


Ginger is a gingerbread girl. She wears a yellow, candy corn-like dress, a yellow bow tie on her head, and cherry-red shoes.


Ginger appears to be very cocky, bragging to the boys about how they can't catch her unless they take a shortcut. Despite this, she appreciates the boys for giving her directions, giving them a coin as a way of saying thanks. She also likes riding the carnival rides but detests when others get to ride before her.

In the Cuphead novels, Ginger is described as sweet, but nosy. She is depicted as one of Cuphead's classmates, sitting behind him. In A Mountain of Trouble, she is shown to have an angry side, snapping at Quint after he breaks his own rules.


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