The Giant Spider is an unused boss in Cuphead.

The Giant Spider, also known as The Flying Gentleman, is another boss from Cuphead that was cut from the final game. It is unknown what attacks he would’ve had or how many phases they would have had. His design is a grey-ish spider with a suit and hat. Contrary to popular belief, he would have been fought in his own flying level and not on a pirate ship with Jelly, likely due to the fact that a flying section in a level on land would be impossible.


  • The Giant Spider may have been inspired from certain cartoons involving spiders such as Wise Flies (1930), The Spider and the Fly (1931), The Cobweb Hotel (1936), and "Eatin' on the Cuff" or "The Moth who came to Dinner" (1942).
  • In terms of video games The Giant Spider may have been inspired by the spider mini boss from Donkey Kong 64.
  • The fact that this was to be an air battle against a spider may reference the battle with the giant spider from Axelay.
  • Arachnids (Spiders) have 8 legs. Despite being one, this "spider" has 6 legs, making it more of an Insect. One possibility behind this reason is that some animators have a limit in terms of difficulty to draw in how many limbs on characters that resemble spiders or other bugs.
  • The Giant Spider was featured in the book "Game On! 2018". They called him "The Flying Gentleman" and here's what they said about him: "Cuphead isn't only limited to fighting on the ground. One of the larger than life bosses. Such as a dapper gentleman with a vicious tongue that can only be tackled on the skies".
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