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Ghosts Ain't Real! (misspelled as Ghosts Aint Real! in the title card) is the sixth episode from The Cuphead Show!


A spooky bunch of ghosts treat Cuphead and Mugman to a night of thrills and chills after trapping them inside a creepy graveyard, but they are not the only ones going after Cuphead and Mugman


After watching a zombie horror movie, Cuphead and Mugman decide to take a shortcut through a cemetery back home. A bored trio of scary ghosts spot the boys and decide to have fun with them, trapping them in the cemetery. Cuphead resolves to spend the night there and tries to calm Mugman by telling him that "ghosts ain't real", only for the ghosts to reveal themselves and chase the boys throughout the cemetery. Eventually, the brothers fall out of a window, seemingly to their deaths. The ghosts are horrified and very sad at the thought of having killed the brothers, but they recover and quickly escape back home. However, a scared Elder Kettle mistakes them for zombies and starts violently attacking them.

Cast of Episode[]





  • Blind Specter can be seen when the ghosts are chasing Cuphead and Mugman.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • The episode contains many references to classic Disney cartoons:
    • The ghosts have red noses like the ones in Lonesome Ghosts.
    • Cuphead and Mugman seeing faces in the trees and Mugman seeing a tree root shaped like an alligator with an open maw is a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When Mugman sees one of those trees, he even makes a similar pose and expression to Snow White.
    • Mugman whistling to himself and seeing fireflies that he thinks are eyes in a tree is a reference to the 1949 package film The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.
    • A group of skeletons chatter their teeth and entertain Cuphead and Mugman with a little dance is a reference to The Skeleton Dance.
      • The skeletons hiding beneath the staircase floorboards is likely a reference to the 1933 Mickey Mouse short The Mad Doctor.
    • When the ghosts march out to the tune of the song, they bob and plat music similar to the pink elephants on parade sequence in Dumbo.
    • The skeletal Viking ghost resembles a similar looking spectral horseman seen in the A Night on Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia.
  • The singing animated tombstones are a shoutout to the 1930 Fleischer cartoon Swing You Sinners.
  • The ghost bound to a floating electric chair is possibly a reference to the Scoleri brothers from Ghostbusters II.
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