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The Ghost Detective is one of the NPCs appearing on Inkwell Isle Four in the DLC. He gives the player clues for the secret level and to activate the Broken Relic.



This NPC is a blue ghost with a white mustache and eyebrows who wears a brown deerstalker and a red bow tie. He also holds a magnifying glass and has a pipe in his mouth. He resembles a member of the Spectre Syndicate from the Mausoleums.

Passage Dialogue[]

Upon talking to him before fixing the Broken Relic:

"Say, young fry! I'm hot on the trail of a mystery, but I'm stumped!

That contest of skill, that broken artifact, this eerie graveyard,

I have discovered potent astral energy in all of these places.

There must be an order and method to do it!"

Upon talking to him after solving the graveyard puzzle and awakening the Cursed Relic:

"Could it be!?

The fabled Cursed Relic, long thought lost to time, awoken at last!

I've see writings that say it despises bravery.

'With a greater foe, more evil shall go.' What could it mean?"

Upon talking to him after activating the Divine Relic:

"Young fry, you've done it!

In my living years, I never thought I'd behold the Divine Relic.

Thank you for helping this departed detective solve one last case."


  • While his design (deerstalker hat, pipe, and magnifying glass) is mostly meant to evoke Sherlock Holmes, his mention of "order and method" is taken from fellow literary detective Hercule Poirot.
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