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The Four Mel Arrangement - consisting of Mel, Melvin, Melroy, and Melbert - is a group of four singers found on Inkwell Isle Two.


The group lost their fourth member. Find him and complete the quartet for a special reward.

The fourth member can be found right behind the tent beside the Funfair Fever run and gun. He is revealed by pressing the jump button/confirm. Once found the forth member explains that he got lost while looking for coins because nobody was paying for haircuts after The Devil's Casino was built. After talking to him, he goes back to the other three. If you talk to them, they sing a song about taking a break from the game, using the free time to take up another hobby. This song is known as "A Quick Break".

They also appear in the Cuphead novels in greater roles, singing songs throughout the stories and helping advance the plots.

Passage Dialogue[]

Before the 4th member is found[]

"Whoever heard of a Barbershop Trio? If we can’t find our fourth member, we’ll never sound right again! Be a pal and let us know if you spot him, won’t you?"

4th member’s dialogue upon being found[]

"At last! I thought I’d never see another living soul again! I lost my way while searching for Coins. No one has money for haircuts these days thanks to that blasted casino! Well, I’d better get back to my pals in the quartet!"

After "the 4th member is found[]

"Oh boy, you did it! We’re a quartet once more! Gee, you must have run yourself ragged tracking him down! We can’t thank you enough! Let’s celebrate with a song! Ready, boys? Key of B Flat…"

After “A Quick Break” is performed for the first time[]

"Can’t get enough of that diddy, eh? Okay, boys, one more time! With feeling!"



  • The same quartet also sang the game's theme song.
  • That quartet is voiced by an actual barbershop group named 'Shoptimus Prime.
  • The design of each of the quartet's members is a visual pun; they are all based on a Barber's pole, the rotating sign often found at a Barber shop.
  • Their group name could be a pun on "formal arrangement".
  • This, along with the Wolfgang and Ludwig side quest, are the only side quests in the game that do not give a physical reward.
  • There is a small animation glitch where if you go beside the very last member to the right, Cuphead will appear on the wrong layer.
    • This makes it look as if he is standing on Cuphead's head.
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