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"Nowhere to run, nowhere to go. This forest is yer foe!"
Forest Follies, Death Screen

Forest Follies is a Run N' Gun level in Cuphead, and is one of the two released platforming levels in Inkwell Isle One. It is, as the name suggests, based around a forest where several plants attack Cuphead/Mugman. There seem to be two parts to this level, one being a more open fielded area, and the other being a more dense, forest area.


The level starts in a plain near the entrance of a forest, Daisies will start to spawn and the player will encounter mushrooms and tulips throwing projectiles at them.

Deeper in the forest, there are dead trees over pits with spiky bulbs flying over them. These bulbs can be parried and it's necessary to parry one of them to get a coin.

Later on, the level introduces aggravating acorns that keep coming above Cuphead to bombard him.

The last part of the level is even lower, the player has to fight the machinery that produces the acorns, and once destroyed, there are a few platforms to pass, with slimes running on them and toothy terrors jumping from the pits.

Being the first Run n'Gun, the coins are relatively easy to get.


Name Behavior
Deadly Daisy
Deadly Daisy
Orange-petaled flowers with green bodies that chase after the player until they die. Daisies will spawn in areas off screen, including from above. They will jump up small ledges to reach the player, but they die in one hit so they are easy to make dispose of. They resemble small versions of Cagney Carnation.

Hitpoints: 1 HP

Murderous Mushroom
Stationary mushrooms with red caps and yellow spots. They hide under their cap often, and in this state, they are invulnerable. Occasionally, they will emerge from the ground and fire either a purple or pink spore from their cap. The pink ones can be parried.

Hitpoints: 2 HP

Terrible Tulip
Purple flowers that shoot little purple seeds from their heads, which make a small explosion on the ground. The projectiles have a little homing effect on the player and can cross through platforms.

Hitpoints: 4 HP

Bothersome Blueberry
Little blue slimes that run around on a platform, turning when they reach edges. They will come back to life a little bit after being knocked out, but they have relatively little HP and will die with a few shots from the peashooter. They will respawn in the exact same place they died. They share a resemblance with Goopy Le Grande.
Toothy Terror
Chomper forest follies
Large, black plants with yellow spots. They resemble Venus Flytraps, and they have rather large jaws. Toothy Terrors jump up from pits with their mouth open, chomp vigorously, and then fall back down in a rather similar manner to the Lava Bubbles from the Super Mario franchise. Their teeth and spotted design also make them resemble Piranha Plants, especially the ones from Super Mario World. They can't be defeated.


Spiky Bulb
Pink bulb
Spiky pink bulbs scattered around the environment that float upwards and downwards and can be parried, though if not timed correctly, damage the player. They are (presumably) not sentient.


Aggravating Acorn
Annoying acorn
Acorns that fly across the top of the screen and fall on Cuphead and Mugman if they are underneath them (In a similar manner to the barrel from Captain Brineybeard's fight, but much, much faster). They will start appearing when the player gets close to the Acorn Maker and will stop appearing when it is destroyed.

Hitpoints: 2 HP

Acorn Maker
Acorn maker
A large, complicated machine operated by a single Deadly Daisy that produces Aggravating Acorns and will block the player's path until destroyed. Defeating the Acorn Maker stops the Acorns from spawning. It functions as a miniboss.

Hitpoints: 125 HP


A+ Guide P Guide
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Version Soundtrack
Beta soundtrack Cuphead_Beta_Music_-_Island_One_Run_'n_Gun_Stage_Music
In-Game soundtrack Cuphead_OST_-_16_-_Forest_Follies
Game Over soundtrack


  • This, Cagney Carnation, and Goopy Le Grande may be connected, as they are around the same area and have similar-looking foes.
  • The acorns are the only enemy that can be permanently defeated (by destroying the Acorn Maker).
  • Until Gamescon 2017, this was the only platforming level to ever be shown.
  • The name "Forest Follies" is possibly a reference to Feline Follies, a 1919 cartoon, in which Felix the Cat made his debut.
  • The Acorn Machine is the only miniboss without a death animation.
  • In the Gamescom for 2017, when the player died the message is "You are in our forest, get lost!" Here is the footage
  • The "toothy terrors" may be inspired by the piranha plants from the Super Mario franchise, as they share similar appearances and are both carnivorous plants attempting to eat Cuphead/Mugman.
  • They somewhat resemble the famous Super Mushroom of the Super Mario franchise, the mushrooms from Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, and the Cappy enemies from the Kirby franchise.
  • The pink butterflies can actually be parried.
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