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The Fly Goons are members of the Moonshine Mob, serving as grunts and underlings and are enemies in Bootlegger Boogie on Inkwell Isle Four.


The Fly Goons are stout flies wearing red shirts, teal pants, brown shoes, yellow gloves. On their heads are teal bowler hats with an orange rim similar to that of the Anteater's. They have a single gold tooth, and they smoke brown cigars.


One can be seen pumping in the air. After a while, he picks up the Announcer Snail and flies off. In Simple Mode, he and the Snail do not appear.


Phase 1[]

During this phase of the fight, Fly Goons can be summoned from the telephone by Charlie Left Legs; they fly from the background and front flip into the stage. They then fly off to the sides of the stage. Their poses vary, with some of them charging, holding the back of one wrist around the waist, flying sleepily, and flying backwards, but this is just aesthetic. They can be defeated, causing their bowler hats to fly off.

Phase 3[]

After Anteater licks up some Fly Goons and Ant Cops with his tongue, they are spit out and start fighting, with their scuffle forming a ball that bounces around the screen as an enemy or hazard. The whole fight can be defeated with their hats and cigar flying off.

Phase 4[]

When the fake-out Knockout announcement is made, two Fly Goons are stuck on the fly paper trap.



  • A fly goon first appeared in puppet form in the DLC Release Date Trailer shown at The Game Awards 2021.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • The Fly Goons bear a resemblance to the Beagle Boys.
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