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Not to be confused with the Purple Demons or Henchman/TCS.

The Henchmen are enemies fought in the One Hell Of A Time boss level of Inkwell Hell. They only appear in the third phase of the fight, where they are brought into the stage as The Devil grabs their backs with his hands and drops them into the ring. The Devil stops summoning them after he gets damaged enough and starts crying.

One Fat Demon appears in The Cuphead Show!, referred as the Devil's Henchman. He is voiced by David Wasson.


The Henchmen are large, heavyset devils colored in brilliant purple, similar to their thinner counterparts from the first phase of the fight. They have long beaky noses, a pair of short thin horns, small wings from their humps, elephant hoof-like feet, pointy devil tails, and slightly loose gloves. Their gloves are white, while their faces, horns, and wing-webs are cream-colored. They all have glowing yellow eyes with red pupils, not unlike the Devil.



The skulls which the Fat Demons spits.

The Fat Demons are summoned by the Devil in the second stage during his final phase battle, and they only come in pairs. They appear from both sides and will shoot out skulls at the player(s). Occasionally, pink skulls appear that can be parried. These demons can be shot down when enough damage is dealt. Defeating the Elephant Demons will cause them to fall down in descend before re-spawning later on.

Along with the Imps, the Elephant Demons will stop appearing as soon as the Devil goes into his third and final stage of the final phase fight.

The Cuphead Show![]

One specific Henchman appears as the Devil's appointed Henchman. In episode 5, "Roll the Dice", he is appointed as the new host of the game show Roll the Dice after King Dice's fall from grace.



  • The skulls the Henchmen spit out resembles the skeleton character in Flip the Frog's 1932 cartoon Spooks.
  • The Henchmen in their sketches has a huge amount of unused bizarre attacks confirmed to be just brainstormed ideas made by the animator Tina Nawrocki and her sister[1] before choosing only one attack for the final game's release. Interestingly, some of the sketches involves the Elephant Demon turning its nose into a tuba-shaped trunk and the other transforming into the likeness of an elephant that can turn its trunk into a gun for attack, most likely referencing the pink elephants in the 1940s Disney film Dumbo.
  • The sound the Fat Demons make when they fall are reminiscent of the Goofy holler.


  1. "If you've seen my #Cuphead #talk you might remember this! Here are #concepts for #FatDemon #attack. These #Crazy ideas are the #brainchild of myself and my sister! I would send all these to Chad who would pick his favorite! #Cuphead #OneHellOfATime #Conceptart #Hell #Demon" - Tina Nawrocki. August 31, 2018. Twitter.
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