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The Face are one of the enemies found in the Run 'N Gun level Rugged Ridge in Inkwell Isle Three.


The Face is a brown wall with a pink face with a goofy-looking expression, that looks like a decapitated king. The face is decorated by a family crest, of which rests a shield and two crossed spoons.

The sides of the wall has two torches held by either wooden or stone carvings of hands. The face moves up and down on a track on the wall to prevent the player from further advancing to the next section.


Found in the third section of Rugged Ridge in the Greco-Roman ruins, the face will spit oil or ink that bounces up and down, some of which can be parried. Once it is defeated, it will cough while disappearing.

Players can pass over the wall without fighting it by parrying the face to jump over it. They are relatively tough enemies as far as non-bosses go, however, they are at least predictable and easy to dodge. As such, they act more as a barrier than an actual 'enemy'.

Therefore, the Face can be considered a weaker version of the Two-Mouthed Wall sub-boss as they both perform the same role for the player; shooting out hazards from their mouths whilst acting more of an obstacle to obstruct the player's progress.

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