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Djimmi's Pyramids are enemies summoned by Djimmi The Great in Pyramid Peril.



The pyramids are about as big as Cuphead's plane. On each side, there is an eye, and all of them have blue-green eyelids. The irises are red, the eyes also look like slits. When idle, they will have their eyes closed, and when attacking, their eyes will open.


After defeating Cuppet, for Djimmi The Great's last phase, he will waves his hands around the screen, which summons his three pyramids.

The pyramids will spin around you, either clockwise or counterclockwise. After a slightly fluctuating interval, one of the pyramids will open its eyes, and it will start to pulse. After about one to two seconds, it will shoot a cross-shape beams of dark purple energy in the cardinal direction. Touching the pyramids or the beam will hurt you and their bodies can block bullets for Djimmi. In Expert mode, the attack interval of the pyramids are shorter and the telegraph of opening their eyes are shorter as well.


  • The eyes of these pyramids are the same as Broken Relic, hinting at the source of powers coming from the astral plane.[1]
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