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The Duck and/or Descent is a skill that's part of the player's moveset. Though ducking may appear as a simple move, it is still a very helpful move when fighting some bosses.

Ducking also allows players to drop safely to lower ground to avoid danger. This is done by pressing the jump button while ducking, though this only works on thin platforms. In other words, platforms that you can approach from the very bottom will likely also allow descending.

When ducking, the player will fire their weapon straight ahead - in the direction they're facing. It is not possible to lock your aim in a specific direction while remaining crouched; as attempting to do this will cause the player character to stand up. This means the player should wait until they are clear of directly-above hazards before attempting to lock their aim.

As mentioned before, ducking is a very helpful move against many - but not all - bosses. For example, when fighting Goopy Le Grande, he will occasionally stop bouncing around and do a close-range attack toward the player, which can be completely avoided by ducking. A better example is during the fight with Captain Brineybeard's ship. When the ship fires a massive beam at the player, it must be avoided by crouching, as there is no other way to avoid that attack.

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