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The Dragonfly is a sub-boss fought at the end of the Run 'n Gun level Treetop Trouble from Inkwell Isle One. He must be defeated in order to reveal the goal.


Hence his name, this monster is a large dragonfly insect with brown exoskeleton, extra pair of wings, mandibles, large round yellow/green eyes, two broader stripes on the forehead, and two-fingered hands with fur-like bracelets. There is a toothy mouth hidden in his furry mane that can vomit out fireballs for attack, allowing him to knock down the Mosquitoes that are holding the platforms.


The Dragonfly first appears off-screen in the third section of the level, spitting his fireballs from the bottom of the screen to knock the leaf platforms off underneath from the Mosquitoes each time when the player lands on them.

The Dragonfly will now fully appear for the battle when reaching towards the level's end, blocking the level's exit. During the fight, the player needs to remain cautious because the Dragonfly will always aim at the their movement and, every after 3 seconds, roar out a fireball directly at the player's (former) spot, destroying the random Mosquito platforms before they respawn after at least 10 seconds.

Upon defeating this sub-boss or jumping and dashing over it (if the Smoke Bomb was equipped), the Dragonfly rotates rapidly as he falls down, granting the player an access to the end of the level.



  • If the player dies while fighting the Dragonfly, he will immediately display his defeat animation regardless being directly defeated. This also happens to the few other sub-bosses.
  • You can skip this sub-boss fight by dashing over his head or through him if you have Smoke Bomb.
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