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Don't Answer the Door is the second episode in of The Cuphead Show! and the twenty-seven overall. It marks the second appearance of Baby Bottle. It aired on November 18, 2022.


Knock, knock! Danger’s at the door when Elder Kettle goes out to get his moustache waxed, leaving a bumbling Cuphead and Mugman home alone.


The episode begins with Elder Kettle getting electrocuted as a result of Cuphead and Mugman attaching his steering wheel to his car battery. Elder Kettle, proud of the boys for not fighting, leaves the house to get his mustache waxed. Cuphead and Mugman immediately start fighting, but stop when they hear knocking on the door. Mugman looks through the peephole and sees a basket with Baby Bottle in it, and starts gasping. Cuphead looks as well, which results in the two hiding in a cupboard.

Cuphead says that Baby Bottle can't hurt them if they don't answer the door, to which Mugman agrees. As they sit to play checkers, Mugman becomes increasingly agitated and nervous as a result of Cuphead taking forever to make his next move, constantly glancing at the door and hearing baby noises. Cuphead wins the game, and an angry Mugman flips the table away. Suddenly, they hear scratching on the door, thinking that Baby Bottle has turned evil and is trying to break in. The two investigate, only to see it's a bear, taking away the basket. Cuphead gets satisfied about it, but Mugman stated that they couldn’t let Baby Bottle get eaten by the bear, much to Cuphead’s dismay.

Cuphead grabs a bat and exits the house to try and find Baby Bottle and the bear, while Mugman follows behind with a frying pan. They walk through the forest and decide to split up. Cuphead gets startled by a bush branch, which causes him to whack the bush with the bat. The leaves fall and the bare branches slap Cuphead in the face before putting the leaves back up. Mugman hears noises and turns to see a bee, which lands on his nose and stings him. In an attempt to kill the bee, Mugman hits himself in the face with his own frying pan.

Cuphead and Mugman eventually back into each other and start fighting again, before noticing the basket near a big bush. They check the basket, but there's no bottle in it. Cuphead notices a trail of milk leading to the bush, implying that the bear had eaten Baby Bottle. The bear sees them and roars, causing them to run away in fear back to Elder Kettle's house. Elder Kettle notices the two crying, but then he laughs and tells the boys it was all a joke - he used a standard milk bottle and a basket to play a trick on them as payback for what they did to him.

They hear knocking at the door again, and Mugman says it's only the bear again. All three of them scream in fear, before the bear opens the door and returns the basket as an apology for eating the milk bottle. Once again, the door is knocked on, and it's the real Baby Bottle. Bear opens the door and gets beaten up by Baby Bottle, which Elder Kettle closes the door on, saying they "bear-ly got out of that one".

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  • Baby Bottle, a character who was previously shown in the episode of the same name, returns in this episode.
    • On top of this, he was mentioned many times in this episode.
    • However, he returned in this episode off-screen.
  • Cuphead says the episode title to Mugman, "It can't hurt us if we don't answer the door, remember?"
  • Cuphead mentions to Mugman about people blasting bullets out of their fingertips, referencing the attack system in the main game.
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