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The Dogfish is one of the enemies found in the Shootin N' Lootin boss level of Inkwell Isle Three.


Dogfish is reddish-orange bulldog with yellow scleras, black cartoonish eyes, sharp teeth, two front paws, and a fish fin. A head fin is present on their backs, and they have a gainsborough muzzle and underbelly. They have folded dog ears, and wear black collars studded with yellow spikes. If a Dogfish is killed, its collar has white angel wings on it.


The Dogfishes are summoned by Captain Brineybeard during the second and third phases.

A group of four Dogfishes appear from the right side of the screen that can be noticed by the periscope that appears after the captain finishes his whistle. The Dogfishes will attempt to bite the player by jumping from the water to the dock and scurrying towards them, with their entry point being on the right. They can be easily disposed of by shooting them. In Simple mode, only two Dogfishes will come out simultaneously before the periscope sinks. In Expert mode, the Dogfishes will come out before the periscope sinks and at a faster rate.


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