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The Distillery Dough is one of the ingredients of the Wondertart. They are held by Moonshine Mob in the level Bootlegger Boogie.



Distillery Dough is a barrel of dough. They are put near some ACME flour and yeast.


In A Dish To Die For, Distillery Dough is sentient. His body can stretch and generate pseudopods to crawl around. He has a big nose.


In the first phase of Chef Saltbaker's fight, the crazed chef uses the sentient Distillery Dough as a weapon in one of his attacks where he flattens the dough with a rolling pin, gets some cookie cutters to make animal-shaped cookies, and brings them to life with his magic, causing the animal cookies to bounce from the side of the screen that matches where Saltbaker creates them. The cookies can be defeated, breaking apart into crumbs.


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