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Dirt Nap is the eleventh episode from The Cuphead Show!


Elder Kettle gets worried when he thinks Cuphead and Mugman want to kill him.


The episode starts with Elder Kettle telling Cuphead and Mugman that breakfast is finished. As Elder Kettle is about to leave, he overhears Cuphead and Mugman complimenting him.

Immediately after, he overhears Cuphead calling his and Mugman's pet worm "dirty", "filthy" and "disgusting." Elder Kettle hears this and, thinking the boys are insulting him, rushes down to the kitchen, where he cleans himself with a bottle of polish in an attempt to "change" their perspectives. However, he slips on a puddle of the spilled polish and gets covered with soil, ridding him of his shine. Embarrassed, he sets out to prove his worth to Cuphead and Mugman.

Later, Elder Kettle, spying on the two boys, overhears Cuphead again, this time saying that their worm has really "gone downhill" and that they need to do something fast. Elder Kettle gasps and pretends to leave after Mugman hears his gasp. Unbeknownst to the boys, Elder Kettle continues spying on the boys and hears that the two are planning to "send him away". After shooing the boys away to prove his capabilities, they suspect that something is wrong. Elder Kettle then attempts to lift a heavy tire over his head but fails and injures his back and hip.

After this, Elder Kettle continues to spy on the boys, this time from a window. It is revealed to the viewer that the boys were talking about their ill pet worm. Elder Kettle believes that the boys now want to kill him and faints on his ladder, severely injuring himself. After he wakes up from being knocked unconscious, he overhears the boys yet again, this time talking about burying their worm. Elder Kettle, still believing the boys are plotting to kill him, puts on a military outfit and booby-traps the house, attempting to kill the boys before they can kill him.

As the boys bury their worm, the worm comes back to life, to the boys' shock. As they run into the house to tell Elder Kettle, they discover that the house has been entirely booby-trapped. Elder Kettle charges at the boys, but slips on the grease on the floor and falls for the booby traps, resulting in him getting blown up several times and being crushed by a piano.

He then slowly tries getting up and begs Cuphead and Mugman not to kill him, the brothers ask what he was talking about. He then said: "I heard you talking that I'm old, dirty and weak and that you want to put me out of my misery and burying me in the backyard!" Then he started to cry. But then the brothers explain they weren't talking about him they were talking about their worm. Elder Kettle was shocked to say the least and ask them if they were sure and. They told them that he's their grandpa and they loved him while giving him a warm hug. Kettle blushes and hugs them back saying: "I love you boys too." And while he was calming down, he accidentally fell into the tiger trap. Assuming he was dead they decided to bury him in the backyard with Mugman saying: "I'll get the shovels." Ending the episode.

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  • This episode reveals that Elder Kettle used to serve in the military, most likely World War I due to the show taking place in 1932.
  • This Episode also reveals back in his young days he used to be a heavy lifter, an amazing football player, and an amazing swimmer.
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