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Dangerous Mugman is the tenth episode of The Cuphead Show!. It takes place after Sweater Luck Next Time, and its successor is Dirt Nap. Most footage and even the entire episode has been leaked online before its air date. Here, Porkrind sends Cuphead and Mugman to Mount Eruptus in order to have them deliver a package from his shop, but Mugman is held back by his fears, which becomes a problem when Cuphead and Mugman start their journey.


The episode starts off in Porkrind's shop. He is seen giving a crate to someone. The crate contains many black market goods. Porkrind says he likes to keep a low profile, as not to get caught, but then Cuphead and Mugman enter the shop. The person leaves with the crate. Cuphead and Mugman then tell Porkrind that they have saved up tons of nickels for this game called Dirk Dangerous vs The Volcano. Cuphead starts playing, and Mugman gets nervous about the game because he claims it is a little scary. He starts looking at stuff on the counter, but Porkrind takes them away. Mugman then notices a shelf of shoes, which reminds him of a time he lost his shoe. He starts telling the story, but Porkrind is distracted by Cuphead playing the game, and is annoyed by both of them. He then imagines smashing the heads of Cuphead and Mugman with a hammer, but is interrupted by then both. He then comes up with a plan to get them out of his store. He tells them that he needs a package delivered, but he thinks they are not up for the job. Cuphead and Mugman then say that they are up for it. Porkrind tells them he needs a package picked up from this, “Dangerous Place,” called Mount Eruptus. He says he can tell that Cuphead is up for the job, but no so much for Mugman. Mugman says that he can be dangerous, and then walks out of the shop. He starts to panic as to what he and Cuphead will do. Cuphead then gets out his pair of goggles. Cuphead says that whenever he needs a little confidence, he puts on the goggles. Mugman then puts them on, and starts feeling dangerous. He and Cuphead start their journey. They start riding a little boat, going to the Volcano. They fall down a waterfall, and Cuphead notices that the goggles fell off Mugman's head. The goggles are then eaten by an alligator. Mugman does not notice, and questions what happened behind him. Cuphead tells him that nothing happened. Mugman believes him, and they continue their adventure.

Over time, Cuphead starts getting a little scared. They are then seen scaling the edge of the Volcano. They then fall, but fortunately catch themselves on a small ledge. Mugman is still feeling dangerous, but then Cuphead tells him that the goggles fell off Mugman long ago. Mugman then starts being afraid again, and wishes they would never came here. They both fall and land on a nest with an egg. They think the egg is the package, so they grab it, but now they wonder what they will do. Mugman starts feeling more confident, knowing he did all the dangerous stuff without the goggles. He then starts to go down the Volcano, keeping the egg safe. They both get down the Volcano safely, and they return to Porkrind's shop. Porkrind asks them why they were gone for three days. Cuphead says that they got the package. Porkrind asks them why it took so long, to which Cuphead says that he sent them to Mount Eruptus. Porkrind then says that he did not mean the actual Mount Eruptus, but instead he meant Mount Eruptus Cleaners. Cuphead and Mugman then wonder why they went on that adventure, but they then forget about it, and start playing the game again. Porkrind then rips the machine out of the wall and tells them to just take it home. Porkrind then wonders what the package is, since it is not his laundry. He opens it, and finds an egg, which hatches. Inside the egg is a three-headed dragon, which Porkrind considers eating for lunch. The roof of his shop then gets torn off by Grim Matchstick. Grim grabs his child, while his other two heads growl at Porkrind. Porkrind's shop then gets burned down by Grim, and they leave, leaving Porkrind (who curses Cuphead and Mugman) in the ruins of his shop.

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  • This is the only episode with Mugman's name in the title.
  • This is the second time where Cuphead and Mugman have their heads removed, as Porkrind beheads them with a hammer in his rage. The first was in Handle With Care! when the two cups celebrate their new "man handles." However, unlike in Handle with Care!, this instance is imaginary.
  • This is the first time Cuphead and Mugman appear without Elder Kettle
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