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Cuphead in A Mountain of Trouble: A Cuphead Novel (or simply Cuphead in A Mountain of Trouble) is an novel by StudioMDHR and Ron Bates, and the second novel in the Cuphead novel series. It was published on December 8, 2020.

Plot synopsis[]

Cuphead and his friends from school go to Camp Hootenholler, a camp that is portrayed as the perfect summer camp. Quint drives them on a bus to the camp. He is very strict on the rules but Ms Chalice fools him into getting rid of them, ending in the Four Mels singing a celebration song. Upon arrival, it is not as Elder Kettle and other previous camp members said it was. The place is in a horrible state, and the owner of the camp, Wrongway tries his best to reassure the campers. Ollie Bulb works as the cook and Cagney Carnation works as the counsellor. Things keep going badly and at some point, Cagney tells them all a campfire story of how two camps, Hootenholler and Punchafink, awoke Glumstone the giant and he vowed to place a curse on the worst camp. He however fell asleep and is still asleep. The punchafinks are horrible creatures, according to Cagney.

The Hootenfinks have been built up as horrible creatures, with even Wrongway placing mousetraps out for them. Cuphead, Mugman and Ms Chalice meet Ribby, Cora and Sal Spudder. They reveal they are Punchafinks and act friendly until they begin unleashing rocks on the cups. Mugman manages to get rid of them with a goose and they return to camp. Wrongway assures everyone that they must forgive the Punchafinks, but Quint says they should strike back. Multiple pranks are pulled on each camp each night until Glumstone is awoken. The camps participate in games to settle which one will get cursed, with the Punchafinks cheating in most of them. Eventually, they get to a tie with one activity left, where Ribby pushes mugman off a high place. Mugman grasps a branch that is being devoured by woodpeckers and tells everyone to continue without him until the Punchafinks rush to help him instead of winning. They end in a tie yet Glumstone is unsatisfied and insists he destroys both camps. Tully steps in and suggests Glumstone combines both camps, which he agrees with and blows hard on both camps to form one camp; Hootenfink. It is revealed that most pranks committed which started the prank war were all by Quint, with him claiming what he did was right.


Preliminary description[]

The second installment in the original, hilarious, and fast-paced Cuphead series written by Ron Bates and featuring twenty illustrations.

Once again, fans of the award-winning and visually stunning video game can see Cuphead, Mugman, and friends like never before in this original, illustrated middle-grade novel. Join them on their adventure as they make merry mischief in the vibrant and topsy-turvy world of the Inkwell Isles!

Includes over 20 never-before-seen illustrations that feature hidden items for an interactive treasure hunt!

This is the second book in an original series perfect for players of Cuphead, and readers of Hello Neighbor, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Final description[]

Gather 'round the campfire for s'more Cuphead adventures! An original novel based on the award-winning and visually stunning Cuphead video game, featuring twenty original illustrations and an interactive treasure hunt.

School's out, which can only mean one thing: camp! Cuphead has been looking forward to going to Camp Hootenholler for ages. He can't wait to shoot some archery, swim in the lake, and sit around and do nuthin' at all. When he and his best buds, Mugman and Ms. Chalice, arrive, they learn about the camp's bitter rivalry with their neighbors, Camp Punchafink, and discover that a menacing mountain, Glumstone the Giant, is watching over both camps, ready to bring down a fierce punishment upon whichever camp gets on its bad side!

Before long, the two camps go head-to-head in an all-out prank war. But one night, after a midnight raid on the Punchafinks, Cuphead and his friends wake the grumpy and powerful Glumstone. Yikes! Glumstone the Giant, amused, tells them that he's never heard of any "curse," but that it gives him an idea. Glumstone is tired of being disturbed by the camps' hijinx, so he decides that whichever camp loses the annual Camp-etition will have to shut down.

Can the Hootenhollers rally together to take down the Punchafinks, or will the campers be sent packing?

Includes over 20 never-before-seen illustrations drawn by Oscar Martin and Julian Alvarez that feature hidden items for an interactive treasure hunt!

Cuphead in a Mountain of Trouble is the second book in an original series and perfect for players of Cuphead, and readers of Hello Neighbor, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Five Nights at Freddy's.







  • The book was originally going to be published on September 1, 2020, then November 3, 2020.
  • The book was initially titled Cuphead: Middle Grade Novel #2.