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Cuphead is the 2D sidescrolling run-and-gun video game developed by brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer as Studio MDHR, drawn in the style of 1930s cartoons released on Sept. 29, 2017 for Xbox One and PC. After success of the video game, Cuphead got turned into an exclusive series on Netflix named 'The Cuphead Show!' that was released on February 18th, 2022.

This wiki happens to contain unmarked spoilers for the game and the series, so read at your own risk!

Run 'N' Gun Levels
The Cuphead Show!

The Cuphead Show! is an American-Canadian animated web television series created by Chad and Jared Moldenhauer for Netflix and is produced by StudioMDHR and King Features Syndicate.

The unique misadventures of loveable, impulsive scamp Cuphead and his cautious but easily swayed brother Mugman. Follow these two as they scour their surreal homeworld of the Inkwell Isles in search of fun and adventure, they always have each other’s back.

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The Delicious Last Course (DLC)

The Delicious Last Course is a DLC that was released on June 30th 2022 for Cuphead.

Cuphead the Delicious Last Course release date wallpaper.jpg

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